Nude Dancers get Padma Shri,but Martyr of Terrorist Attacks get Nothing.

These Awards should not give, the civilaian who make millions, but contribute nothing to nation or public. In india Nude dancers get Awards but the Families of soldiers and martyr of Terrorists attack, get nothing. there are many who contribute their life for the sake of society and People, who get nothing.

What is the contribution of these Film actress and Cricketers who contribute nothing, than people wasting time after waching Matches and movies.

On the eve of the Republic Day Padma Awards (the civilan awards of the Government of India) were officially announce.

In the scientific community,

ISRO Chairman Dr Madhavan Nair,
Atomic Energy Chairman Anil Kakodkar and
the veteran Dr AS Ganguly
get Padma Vibhushan (the highest Padma award);

The activist Sunderlal Bhauguna too gets Padma Vibhushan.


CK Prahald of UMich
Tom Kailath of Stanford
CS Seshadri of Chennai, and,
SS Katiyar of IITK
get Padma Bhushan Award.

The famous historian (and writer) Ramachandra Guha, telecom guru Sam Pitroda and the Sportman who made India proud at Beijing Olympics Anhinav Bindra too get Padma Bhushan Award.

Professor Kiran Seth (of IITD of SPICMACAY fame),
Mathoor Krishnamoorthy of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, and,
Dr Utpal Banerjee (Computer Education in Schools)
Sam Pitroda, Ramachandra Guha
Prof CK Prahalad of UMich, Tom Kailath of Stanford and IITD Kiran Seth
Shooter Abhinav Bindra was on Sunday awarded Padma Bhushan for fetching India

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