‘Pakistani Anna Hazare’ wants anti-corruption bill in Pak

Islamabad, Sept 13: Social activist Anna Hazare’s agitation for stronger Janlokpal Bill has not only gained global attention, but strikingly, he has earned respect and fan followings from rival country Pakistan as well. A Pakistani businessman began his fast at a market in the heart of Islamabad, demanding that Pakistan’s parliament should pass an anti-corruption bill.

Raja Jahangir Akhtar, 68, who said he was inspired by India’s anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare, today, launched a “fast unto death” protest to pressurise the government to act against corruption in the country.

The businessman who owns a shop in Islamabad’s Super Market and is affiliated with the ruling Pakistan People’s Party, has campaigned in the past on issues like rent control in the Pakistani capital.

Akhtar also demanded that political parties should include in their manifestos a clause to transform Pakistan from a security state to a welfare state.

He is hoping something good out of his protest. He believes that the strike would lead to the introduction of an anti-corruption bill in Pakistan’s parliament on the lines of the Lok Pal legislation sought by Hazare.

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