Taliban Killed 16 Pakistani policemen

Islamabad, Jul 18: A video released by the Taliban showed the terror group putting to death 16 Pakistani tribal policemen who were captured by the Taliban.

The policemen were caught by the Taliban during a raid from Afghanistan. The video showed the policemen with their hands tied behind, lined up on a hillside facing the Taliban’s men who hid their faces behind scarves.

One of the Talibani man accused the men of killing six children from Swat Valley, Pakistan.

“They are the enemies of the religion of Islam,” the man said.

The policemen were later fired down by the Talibani men , while several were groaning in pain, one Talibani fighter walked down the lined policemen shooting them in head.

The video was posted on LiveLeaks and included a note that said that the men were captured in a cross border raid on Jun 1.

Major General Athar Abbas, spokesperson, Pakistan Army said that the men were captured when Taliban attacked Pakistan from Afghanistan.

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