MyParent and My Pimp:Woman arrested for forcing daughter into prostitution in UAE

Woman arrested for forcing daughter into prostitution

06 January 2009

DUBAI: Police in the emirate of Sharjah have arrested an Iraqi mother who forced her daughter to work as a prostitute.

The 17-year-old-daughter had filed a complaint against her mother with the Buhairah police station. In her statement she claimed that her mother beat her when she refused to service the men her mother brought to her. The girl said that she was living in the UAE with her mother and younger sister of nine. Their father was back home in Iraq.

According to the girl, the mother had rented a studio apartment adjacent to their flat in the Al-Taawon area of Sharjah. The girl claimed that this prostitution arrangement had been going on since October.

A police source told Arab News that after the girl had filed the complaint, an undercover officer approached the mother acting as a client. He agreed to pay 2,000 dirhams for the girl

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