Paternity not being certainty, father bludgeons son to death

I think it was the naughty Subramaniam Swamy who made the notorious statement about a former Prime Minister, ” He is living the life of a bachelor, but enjoying the fruits of marriage”. In a similar story, a father who was suspicious about the paternity of his son, bludgeoned him to death. Has anyone made him aware of Paternity tests including DNA testing? Will anyone make him aware of the tests now?

Man gets life term for killing nine-yr-old son
3 Jan 2009
THANE: Vashi resident Pralhad Kharadkar (35) would spend the rest of his life in jail for killing his nine-year-old son, Yatish, whom he had stoned to death in June 2006 and left the lifeless body along the Koparkhairne creek.

As Thane additional sessions judge A C Bacchav prepared to award the sentence on Monday, Kharadkar turned emotional and pleaded with the court to give him capital punishment. ” Mala phashi dya, Mala phashi dya (Hang me),” he insisted as the sessions judge held him guilty and asked what punishment he deserved.

Kharadkar-who did not have any mental problem-was accused of killing his son as he suspected his wife, Rekha, of infidelity and doubted if he had fathered Yatish, their second child.

Chief public prosecutor R J Kadri, who argued for harsher punishment, countered Kharadkar’s lawyers who said there was no circumstantial evidence to link him to the crime. Kadri gave ample evidence to show that the “angry man” had a motive for the murder.

“On June 6, 2006, Kharadkar accompanied Yatish and his elder brother, Pritesh (11), to a school in Vashi. He dropped Pritesh outside the school but took the younger child to Koparkhairne where he bludgeoned him with stones and boulders. He then walked back home with the bloodstained uniform of Yatish and informed his wife about the death, Kadri told TOI.

Rekha immediately rushed to the creek and saw her son’s lifeless body there. The Turbhe police were informed and Rekha lodged a complaint against her husband, who was arrested.

Rekha testified that her husband had confessed to the murder, while Pritesh said Kharadkar was with Yatish when he last saw his brother.

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