Plan to clear pending cases by 2012: Centre

This another mockery of Indian judiciary and fooling people. there are more than 10million cases pending more than 10 years old. judges just giving dates after dates than settling cases, as Lawyers get money for every date and judges has commission too for extending cases. courts are entertaining silly cases like allow burkha and beard in school instead school uniform and clean shave. Judiciary also give women free hand to misuse laws like 498a, Domestic violence, false rape, sexual harassment, divorce, maintenance,child custody etc with one word of women instead real truth which made huge backlog.

Most of the women related cases, if she file case, she get government lawyer, even if its false case, and after filling if she do not attend for 10 years also,said case will run by tax payers money state ex-checker. and has valid proof for above statement. if anyone want to know about it.

in some cases, men are forced to sell their kidneys, to pay alimony by ordering man to pay more than double what he earn.

Someone told truth long back. LAW IS BLIND

The Centre for the first time made public its plan to deal with the huge pendency of over three crore cases in the trial courts and high and told the SC that it was preparing a roadmap to ‘liquidate’ the backlog in courts by the year 2012.

Solicitor General Gopal Subramaniam told a Bench comprising Chief Justice K G Balakrishnan and Justice P Sathaisvam that “the Centre is looking at liquidating arrears in courts by 2012 and a roadmap is being prepared for that purpose”. This could cheer up litigants who have been spending years running to courts in cases as the average life span of a litigation in Indian courts is close to 15 years.

The Centre, sources said, was planning to reduce the average life of a litigation to a mere three years by appointment of a large number of adhoc judges to tackle the 2.64 crore of pending cases in the trial courts and 38 lakh cases pending in HC. This assertion from the SG came during a hearing on a petition on the state of affairs relating to 1,700-odd fast track courts that were set up nearly 10 years ago.

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