How to file PILs and Writ Petitions

The reasons why the Court should convert it into suo motu writ petition. Usually the petitions from senior citizens, handicapped persons, widows, orphans and those in jail or anyone writing on their behalf are taken note of. Letter may be delivered in duplicate personally (insist on acknowledgement) or sent through courier or registered post AD.

PIL/WP can also be easily registered under article 226 of the Constitution of India in any High Court. The emphasis is on Public Interest. It should not be private interest made to sound like public interest. Here are three examples :

1.. The authorities cordoning off a busy road at Prabhadevi creating a bottle neck there to protect the Siddhi Vinayak temple from the possible terrorist attack and other such knee-jerk solutions is NOT in public interest. Hence, a PIL can easily be taken up for violations of several provisions of law.

But no one dare take this issue up, because it will be seen through communal goggles even by the judges.

2.. Someone recently took up a PIL against Shahrukh Khan developing his extra space behind his so-called heritage bungalow at Bandra. That was certainly not in public interest and hence even the Supreme Court rejected the said petition.

3.. Sheriff of Mumbai saying that the Race Course be developed is certainly in public interest and this should be taken up. But if the said matter were to come up before judges who are interested in racing (gambling) they may not be favourably inclined and public interest would be cast aside and private interest of select super rich will be protected.

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  1. Sir, IN the recent past I have been thinking about filing a PIL
    PIL in SC regarding regulation of Realty sector of whole of India. This sector has been a major destination of Black MOney in India. It also saw the biggest bubble since 2004. I would like to discuss this matter further with you and seek your comments and valuable inputs regarding the method of filing PIL. Will it be possible to contact you through email?

  2. Sir I am planning to file a PIL in SC regarding regulation of Realty Sector in India which is the major beneficiary of Black Money. I have collected some material and formulated some ideas. I would like your suggestions for finetuning it. Is is possible to contact you through email?

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