4,000 Chinese in PoK – Pak, China to launch war against India ?

New Delhi, Oct 5: More than 4,000 Chinese including many soldiers of People’s Liberation Army are currently residing in Pakistan Occupied kashmir (POK).

The sensational information has been revealed by the chief of Indian army, General VK Singh on Wednesday, Oct 5.

“There are certain construction teams present in PoK. There are around 3000-4000 people present for various construction work,” informed the army chief.

Continuing his statement, Singh also added, “There are certain people for the security of these people and certain engineer groups. In some way they are part of the PLA.”

Getting information from the army chief, many started assuming that neighbour countries (China and Pakistan) might have started preparation to launch a major war against India?

However, external affair ministry overruled such information regarding Chinese presence in POK. The external affair ministry tried to console the people by stating that there was no threat of Chinese soldiers present in PoK.

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