Police shielding accused in dowry case

The family of an alleged dowry victim on Friday claimed a Maharashtra district judge was misusing his position and pulling strings to ensure that the culprit(s) could avoid arrest.

Priti Navinchandra, the daughter-in-law of Bipinchandra Mantri, the district judge from Nanded, hanged herself from a ceiling fan at her Mahadevpura residence on April 28.
Exactly two months after her wedding, she was found hanging, allegedly due to dowry harassment. The police arrested Priti

4 thoughts on “Police shielding accused in dowry case

  1. This is the most shameful act, Can we rely on such people i.e. District Judge who does the justice, one feels suspicious about the justice made by him till date.
    These people should be straightly be hanged till death.

  2. similar story, just like my cousins…but how many of us have thought there could be several reasons for a wife suiciding..might be shes compelled to marry the guy ….this wat happened with my cousin life who lost his wife in two months.reason.?! dowry..NEAHHHHh look beyond plzz…who are the sufferers my cousin and his parents …who is been imprisoned for no reasons..WHY?? Cause the gal’s family want to shield the mistake of the gal who had illegal relationship with another guy before marriage. And therefore they have filed false dowry case….Who will look into this issue??? A complete murder by her ex-boyfriend .

  3. committing suicide within two months appears to be suspicious.Father of the bride must be taking benefit of suicidal death to grab the amount from the parents of the boy. There could be extra marital affirs of the girl or could be other resons.

  4. The comments of Mr. Anil Bidada itself are shameful. Without knowing reality or truth one should not make any comment.That is shful and foolish. No doubt clprit should be hanged but making comments without knowing truth is crime such persons are also liable to be hanged

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