Women murder her 2nd husband

Mangalore, August 24, 2009: In a case of polyandry and murder a woman labourer Renuka has been accused of murdering her second husband Siddappa with the help of two other paramours of her and buried the body here.

Renuka alias Kasturi had married three different men in three different places and has been now found that she had murdered her second husband one Sidaappa by colluding with her paramour Anwar at a place called Ballur Gudda in Kannur Police limits. The body of Siddappa has been exhumed from where Anwar, Reunka and their other accomplices had buried him.

In a sordid tale of infidelity, murder and deceit Renuka had affair with three other men even when she was living with her husband Siddappa and her six year old son. She had earlier married and discarded another legally wedded husband in Bagalkot and married her paramour Siddappa while working in Bagalkot, later the couple came to Mangalore and were living here in Kannur Police station limits in a workers colony.

But Renuka started an affair with Anwar who was coaxing her to get rid of her husband and son as they were becoming impediment in their affair. Renuka colluded with Anwar, and brought her husband to a secluded place near a railway line where Anwar and his friends strangulated him and killed, later they had buried him in Ballur gudde in Kannur Village Panchayat area.

She later lived with her son Ravi and daughter Manjula for sometime before admitting her son to Prajna and left for Bagalkot with her daughter. She again married to certain Raju in Bagalkot about 10 months ago.

Siddappa married Renuka against the will of his family, and hence his family never attempted to trace his whereabouts. Due to this, Renuka was successful in hiding the brutal killing of her husband until Mangalore police were successful in arresting the culprits.

After getting the lead of this ghastly act of lust and murder the police went to Bagalkot and found Renuka and brought her to Mangalore. The remains of Siddappa have been exhumed and police have also arrested Anwar and other culprits, and are investigating

The arrested have been identified as Mohd Anwar (27) of Kannur Mangalore, Mohd Naufal (20) of Adyar, Abdul Basheer(34) of Kannur, Mohd Saleem (23) of Kannur, Mohd Naushad (29) and Renuka(26).

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