5 babies born every sec, world population to touch 7 bn

London, Jul 20: The world is all set to become more populated with reports revealing that the world’s population is touted to hit seven billion by the end of October. Experts have stated that the massive growth will see five babies being born every second.

The population figures touched 6 billion a decade ago but with the latest statistic on the five births every second, the numbers have suddenly spiraled with 78 million people added to the world each year. The credit for the surge in the numbers is due to the drastic increase in population figures in poor nations. These nations are expected to add double their existing figures over the next decade.

The population was three billion in 1960 and six billion in 1999; the next major jump according to the United Nations is going to be in 2025 when the figures will touch eight billion.

An author of the article titled ‘7 Billion’ in the National Geographic magazine, Robert Kunzig has been quoted as saying, “With the population still growing by about 80 million each year, it’s hard not to be alarmed. Right now on Earth, water tables are falling, soil is eroding, glaciers are melting, and fish stocks are vanishing. Close to a billion people go hungry each day.”

Experts also suggest that the world’s population will reach nine billion by the middle of the century. Kunzig added, “How we’re going to feed nine billion people by 2050 is a daunting question.”

Demographers reveal that there are currently 1.8 billion young people between the age group 10 and 24. They have also suggested ways to curb the rising numbers by saying that the average couple should stick to having 2.1 children to keep the population steady. There is another area of concern in Europe and East Asia with fears that there will not be enough young people to support the retirees.

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