NCW want more Power to harass men

As we know Women Organisations are notorious in making/suggesting/recomending biased laws against men to to harass them, now they want more power to Investigate and interfer in law matter too. no wonder soon every family is terrorised by modern women for sure men will take Law into their hands when they are forced do as these Women organisations says.

New Delhi: A parliamentary committee rapped the women and child development ( WCD) ministry for dragging its feet on giving more teeth to the National Commission for Women (NCW). The ministry blamed NCW for delay in submitting the annual report, including audit report, of the women’s body in Parliament. The committee, chaired by Congress MP Chandresh Kumari, said delay in submitting the report was a “recurring feature“.

The 50-member committee on empowerment of women had asked the ministry to implement suggestions of the NCW by amending the NCW Act, 1990, and give the body additional legal and investigative powers on the lines of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC).

In its 12th report presented to Parliament last December, the committee had “strongly commented” on non-implementation of the suggestions and urged the ministry to assess the NCW’s performance within six months and analyze the issues involved in giving the women’s body additional power.

Instead of examining the reasons for delay in amending NCW Act, the ministry “has chosen to vehemently defend it in the camouflage of guidelines” issued by the finance ministry, the committee noted in its 17th report presented to Parliament on Wednesday.

According to these guidelines, NCW’s performance must be evaluated by an independent, impartial and reputed agency. Giving additional legal/ investigative powers has also been linked to the outcome of the evaluation study “which is at a nascent stage”.

The committee said the ministry should “address the reasons responsible for its low performance in regard to inordinate delay” in this regard and ensure that the report is available by the end of current fiscal.

The ministry also drew flak for delay in submitting annual report along of the NCW with action taken report and audit report to Parliament. “The Annual Report which pertains to the year 2008-09 was presented to Parliament in March 2011,” the committee noted. In 2008, the reports for 2003-04, 2004-05 and 2006-07 were laid in Parliament. The committee said “if the annual reports are not laid before Parliament in time, the very purpose of their laying is defeated”.

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