Mockery of Judiciary By Delhi HC Judge PRADEEP NANDRAJOG

The below Judgment is more than enough proof that the India Judiciary is trying to make life hell for Indian Husbands by passing one sided and biased judgments  , which clearly depict anti male sentiments . These kind of judges need to be thrown out of their jobs with immediate effect . It also exposes the classic case where Indian Judiciary assumes that the men are guilty and always lie and women always tell the truth . The same story unfolds itself in lakhs of Indian courts every day as a result of which innocent husbands are made to suffer first at the hands of wives , then at the hands of biased laws and then at the hands of biased judges like these. As a result of this over 56000 husbands commit suicide every year in India .

Not only that even Judges do not know Indian Penal code correctly, Under IPC 498a, Along with dowry demand, Giving dowry also crime equal to Dowry Demand and there is Punishment for Giving dowry.

But Indian women will not be charged for giving dowry, Its not only shows Judges are illiterate and blind. In Below Judgment Women was not charged for giving dowry, but man was charged under 498a and Slapped with Huge Alimony.

Now its upto Reader, why A Learned HC Judge can do that…..?

Was he Biased Against men ?
Was he bribed or she slept….?

Case # CM(M) NO.1440/2007 at Delhi High court year 2008

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  1. is the judge blind or are you!!! First things first… according to the Hindu scriptures Dowry is the money given by a father to his daughter at the time of marriage being her share in her fathers property. In-laws have no right whatsoever over that money.
    Secondly, the whole idea behind making dowry an illegal act is to protect the atrocities on women that these thousands of years of blindly following customs without understanding their real meaning has caused to the society.
    Though there are men who are implicated in false cases but there number is relatively less. It is thanks to such strict and strong approach by the Indian Judiciary that the number of dowry death cases have come down.

    Where there are exceptions; the exceptions are made by the judges but don’t forget its the brides that are burnt ever heard a case law of groom burning in India?!!! The law and the judge that protects the weaker section of the society is but serving his purpose. If the judges start implicating the brides family as well in dowry cases no people will stop filing such cases in India for the fear of being prosecuted themselves!

  2. I think after einstein, his brain would be kept in ether for research.

  3. Judges should not be intellectually corrupt. They are supposed to be the conscience-keepers of the nation. However, there is a wide gap between theory and practice. Even the Supreme Court has expressed deep anguish over the misbehaviour of High Court Judges and judges of subordinate courts. Something is seriously rotten in the State of Denmark. I am reminded of a brilliant author, namely, Mr. Evan Whitton, who has called lawyers and judges “SERIAL LIARS”, in his book of the same title, which is available free on the internet. He has referred to the Indian legal and judicial scene also. Even otherwise, his analysis and conclusions apply with equal force to India, because India is also a common law country. Yes, the system is defective. Under the present system, Judges are supposed to be neutral; they have no responsibility for finding out truth; this job is left to the lawyers; and, corrupt Judges manipulate this lacuna in the system. Evan Whitton has written another book titled “Our Corrupt Legal System”. Apart from Evan Whitton, I have got a long list of authors who have pointed out defects in the system. According to Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz, “…lying, distortion and other forms of intellectual dishonesty are endemic among judges”. Too bad that we are a democracy in name only; actually, corrupt judges treat us like slaves; so, in effect and in substance, it is slavery. I fully empathise with Ms. Sunita and other victims of corrupt judges and corrupt system. I congratulate her for taking a bold step, according to the voice of her conscience. I have got ample proof of intellectual corruption of …… but I am not as bold as she, because discretion is the better part of valour, and, because I am an IAS officer. Before finishing, I would like to add that the alternative system followed by European countries and Japan is much better, because under that system, it is the duty of the Judge to find out truth. More on hearing from others. Vijay Kumar Agarwal,

  4. William Shakespeare said: “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers”. According to an article titled “Judicial Ethics”, written by Evan Whitton, available on internet, all Judges should undergo the prescribed psychopathic test, called PCL-R, which has been pioneered by world-renowned psychiatrist Dr. Robert D. Hare. In my own limited way, I have recently represented to the various relevant authorities in India, for this purpose, and, the response is awaited.

  5. American statesman Henry Clay said: “The arts of power and its minions are the same in all countries and in all ages. It marks its victim, denounces it and excites the public odium and the public hatred to conceal its own abuses and encroachments.”
    (Quoted by the Supreme Court of India in AIR 1980 SC 945, Niranjan Singh v Prabhakar, Para 12)

  6. Robert Canup writes in his book UNSUSPECTED:

    “John had one overriding dream; to become a judge. Here was the greatest reward possible for a psychopath: to put on the royal robes of the judiciary-to become a demigod-to have others plead to Him and beg His indulgence, to have everyone rise in awe and respect when He enters the room, for His word to literally be law, TO BE ABLE TO CREATE AN ALMOST ENDLESS AMOUNT OF HUMAN MISERY, JUST BECAUSE HE COULD,to punish summarily anyone who, quite correctly, displayed contempt for Him, to have the power of life and death over people, to be granted the only royal title available in the United States: “Your Honor”.

    How brilliant of his predecessors to slip that one past the watchful eyes of the founding fathers-who sought to establish an egalitarian society free of the mental disease of royalty. There are, he reflected, no “Your Majesties” or “Your Excellencies” in this country, but we quietly fooled everyone into accepting “Your Honors””. (Emphasis added)

  7. “John had one overriding dream; to become a judge. Here was the greatest reward possible for a psychopath: to put on the royal robes of the judiciary—to become a demigod—to have others plead to Him and beg His indulgence, to have everyone rise in awe and respect when He enters the room, for His word to literally be law, TO BE ABLE TO CREATE AN ALMOST ENDLESS AMOUNT OF HUMAN MISERY, JUST BECAUSE HE COULD, to punish summarily anyone who, quite correctly, displayed contempt for Him, to have the power of life and death over people, to be granted the only royal title available in the United States: “Your Honor”.

    How brilliant of his predecessors to slip that one past the watchful eyes of the founding fathers-who sought to establish an egalitarian society free of the mental disease of royalty. There are, he reflected, no “Your Majesties” or “Your Excellencies” in this country, but we quietly fooled everyone into accepting “Your Honors””. (Emphasis added)

  8. #8 Vijay Kumar Agarwal :
    “John had one overriding dream; to become a judge. Here was the greatest reward possible for a psychopath: to put on the royal robes of the judiciary—to become a demigod—to have others plead to Him and beg His indulgence, to have everyone rise in awe and respect when He enters the room, for His word to literally be law, TO BE ABLE TO CREATE AN ALMOST ENDLESS AMOUNT OF HUMAN MISERY, JUST BECAUSE HE COULD, to punish summarily anyone who, quite correctly, displayed contempt for Him, to have the power of life and death over people, to be granted the only royal title available in the United States: “Your Honor”.

    How brilliant of his predecessors to slip that one past the watchful eyes of the founding fathers—who sought to establish an egalitarian society free of the mental disease of royalty. There are, he reflected, no “Your Majesties” or “Your Excellencies” in this country, but we quietly fooled everyone into accepting “Your Honors””. (Emphasis added)

  9. Michael Eigen writes in his article “Portrait of a High Functioning Psychopath”:

    “Sociopaths like this guy are attracted to positions of power and authority like flies to shit, and they have largely taken over much of America’s political establishment and infrastructure. It’s really up to American people to rid their institutions of scum like this if we ever want our country back.”

  10. Lying, distortion and other forms of intellectual dishonesty are endemic among judges; the Judiciary in India is infested with psychopathic judges; the reason why psychopathic misbehavior is so common is that there is no accountability for giving a complete go-by to the principles of law, including the principle of res judicata, laid down by the Supreme Court.

    In this context, let me share my personal experience. On 18.11.2003, CAT expressly quashed and set aside an illegal and unconstitutional order of Government of Maharashtra (GOM) dated 13.5.1996. However, CAT did not quash the consequential orders; the stand of the CAT was that the impugned consequential orders amount to multifariousness. Therefore, I partly impugned the said Order of CAT in Delhi High Court (HC), for quashment of the said consequential orders. The respondents did not impugn the said Order of CAT; therefore, the said quashment of the said order of GOM dated 13.5.1996 became legally final and binding. Therefore, HC could not have re-opened the said quashment of the said order of GOM dated 13.5.1996; however, Justice Pradeep Nandrajog, who is known as the knight-errant of Indian Judiciary, has re-opened the said settled issue of the said quashment of the said order of GOM dated 13.5.1996, on the imaginary ground that the said quashment is per incuriam, ignoring the settled law that the principle of per incuriam has no application to the doctrine of res judicta.

    In a nutshell, our country, including the Judiciary, is steeped in hypocrisy. High Courts and subordinate courts covertly hold the judgments of the Supreme Court in contempt. The Supreme Court itself has repeatedly expressed anguish and agony over the psychopathic misbehavior (judicial indiscipline and judicial impropriety) of these judges, but to no avail.

    The need of the hour is that all these judges and all the other personnel in the Executive and Legislative branches of the Government must be required to undergo a prescribed psychopathic test, developed by Dr. Robert D. Hare. Otherwise, we shall continue to be ruled by those who have no conscience, and, the evils shall continue to multiply, and, we shall continue to be slaves, not knowing the truth that we are having a system called pathocracy, not democracy.
    January 11, 2012 8:46 PM

  11. Scoundrel Grade Judge


    37, Aurangzeb Road, New Delhi -110001
    Born on 24-02-1958 at Amritsar (Punjab). Obtained Graduation degree in Chemistry (Hons.) from Hans Raj College, University of Delhi in the year 1978. Obtained LL.B. Degree from Campus Law Centre, University of Delhi in 1981. Enrolled as an Advocate with the Bar Council of Delhi in August, 1981.

    Started practice as an advocate in Delhi High Court. Joined the chamber of late Shri S.N.Marwah, Senior Advocate, practicing on the Original Side. Practised independently since 1983 on the Original and Appellate Side of Delhi High Court.

    Practised in Civil, Appellate and Writ matters. Specialized in civil commercial, arbitration matters.
    Elevated to the Bench of Delhi High Court as an Additional judge on 20-12-2002.


    Bench Fixing In Meters Case.

    It will shock you to discover that Mukul Mudgal was a very senior judge who practiced in Supreme Court & Delhi High Court before appointment as AJ on 2.3.1998 and was confirmed as PJ on 5.7.1999.

    He had 90 months experience when he was entrusted with Meters case 12328.

    But Mukul Mudgal was ejected within 7 days of admitting the 12328 case and an Additional Judge Pradeep Nandrajog, who is not yet confirmed even after 3 years of service pointing to professional deficiencies, was entrusted with the most vital case of metering electricity worth over Rs. 2,00,000 crores affecting all consumers in Delhi and India.

    Obviously this case ought to have been entrusted to two/three bench judge instead of junior judge who is yet to be confirmed.

    This is termed “Bench Fixing”.

    Ravinder Singh


    World’s Most Corrupted Case: 9 Hearings in Last 37 Days.

    It will shock you to discover that the Delhi High Court bench of Pradeep Nandrajog was so “Possessed By The Fast Running Meter Issue That He Went On Lightening Hearings soon after the telecast of Star News “Meter Ki Mar” exposure of how discoms have rigged the Electronics Meters on 22ndSeptember, 2005.

    It is scandalous DHC went through the case without inviting “Public Response” when matters concerned 60,000 crore units generated in India worth over Rs. 2,00,000 crores annually and sold through meters which were “Rigged By Discoms”.

    Since the Delhi discoms buy 1800 crore units annually worth Rs. 7200 crores in retail value, the cheating of honest consumers through rigged meters was major source of revenue is illustrated by the fact that in some blocks AT&D losses were as much as 88% in Najafgath Block. Most of the South Delhi residents were Rigged for the losses in other high losses areas, through doubling of domestic tariff, rigged meters that run fast and jump readings and other extortion services (Corruption under DVB).

    It is amazing Judge Mukul Mudgal who took strong stand and firmly handled the respondents on 29/7/2005 and 4/08/2005 was eased out in less than a week and on third hearing Pradeep Nandrajog took over from 15/09/2005. Incidentally Sudhir Nandrajog is the standing council for NDPL. CEO of NDPL Anil Sardana belonged to BSES camp until dissolution of DVB. You can make out the nexus.

    From October19, 2005 to December14, 2005 there were 11 hearings, including 28th November, 2005 which is not in the following list. May the Judge was on leave.

    Since my reporting to the President on 30th October regarding Scandalous Testing Of CPRI, Pradeep Nandrajog went all out to bail out discoms from criminal liability arising out of procuring “Rigged Meters At Cost Of Nearly Rs. 600 Crores” and flood of cheating and fraud cases with criminal implications. Hearings were scheduled for November8th, 14th, 16th, 22nd, 24th, 25th, 28th, December05 and December14, 2005 when world’s most corrupted Apex Court order was authored. Nine hearings in last 37 days is unheard of in India even in matters of interstate river disputes.

    After my recent petition of December20, 2005 it seems the dubious order of December14 has been withdrawn or suspended. Its web link is available but is deleted from the server.

    We should track down corruption in judiciary.

    Ravinder Singh

    Pradeep Nandrajog Handling Garbage Work of DHC

    I wanted to see how much damage Pradeep Nandrajog has caused to Indian judiciary after world’s most scandalous order “Declaring all BSES Meters to be accurate” on December14, 2005. Within two days of downloading the scanned copy of the judgment my detailed Petition to the President with copies to CJI etc was mailed on January04, 2006 “Corrupting The Court of Pradeep Nandrajog”.

    Most excellent orders where BSES lost in DHC are not reported like this one.

    I wanted to see his latest “JUDGMENTS” on logging for judgments from 1-01-2006 to 1-01-2008

    It was discovered he was quite brisk in delivering Writ Petition judgments on up to 11-05-2006 there after only one WP was Judged by him on 21-08-2006. There after there was some appeal cases etc where scope of mischief is limited.

    But NONE after 15-12-2006. So I wanted to see whether he is working or “Dismissed”.

    On checking the raster I found he was entrusted with “Garbage Work” no writ petitions where he could “He could sell his morals & conscience for fee to corporate”. And explanation for missing orders for 15 months is that he might have gone on leave or suspended or resigned and refusing to attend to garbage work.

    Sanjay Parikh & Laliet Kumar who shamed Indian Judiciary appeared in LPA 256/2006. This was not even admitted. Sanjay Parikh actually told me there are many good things in Supreme Court order. In another case of LPA by another council in CJI DHC granted stay immediately and case is still pending.

    Both Suresh Jindal his council appeared in following Criminal case in Delhi High Court.

    W.P.(Crl.) No.331/2006 and Crl.M.A.No.1185/2006
    Wednesday, February 15, 2006

    You can also go to the Roster in the following link.

    Friends if any one in Delhi files a Contempt Petition case will be heard by Pradeep Nandrajog.

    Ravinder Singh March17, 2008


    1. Bail Matters.
    2. Criminal Miscellaneous Main Petitions (except those of the years 2006 and 2007).
    3. Regular Hearing Matters of the above categories.


    Hon’ble Mr.Justice Pradeep Nandrajog
    1. First Appeals from Orders
    2. Second Appeals from Orders (Rent)
    3. Regular Second Appeals
    4. Execution First Appeals
    5. Execution Second Appeals
    6. Civil Contempt Petitions
    7. Civil Misc. Main (other than rent)
    8. Civil Revision (other than rent)
    9. Regular hearing matters of all the above categories.

    ________________________________________ Sun Mar 16, 2008 8:22 pm

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    Ravinder Singh
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    On Fri, 9/17/10, Ravinder Singh wrote: From: Ravinder Singh Subject: [humanrightsactivist] Justices, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly To:,,,,,,,, Date: Friday, September 17, 2010, 5:39 AM Justices, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly Supreme Court is the last defense of Indian constitution. We need judges in the Supreme Court who are thoroughly brilliant and honest but there is a mix of the good, the bad and the ugly in our apex judiciary. An outstanding Supreme Court justice inspires the entire judiciary and bad justices infect the system. In a weak democracy that has yet to bar induction of criminal elements in to Lok Sabha, indicating weak legislative ability and shaky public institutions Supreme Court had to bat and bowl and field for the legislature and executive – therefore Supreme Court judges in India had to be most outstanding in the world. This is possible is illustrated by even smaller countries like Canada for example – in [Monsanto Canada Inc. v. Schmeiser, [2004] 1 S.C.R. 902, 2004 SCC 34] case, Supreme Court of Canada invited affidavits from all concerned – Seed producers, Farmers, Environmentalists, Consumer Groups, States that even included Vandana Shiva of India. Supreme Court of Canada empowered itself with ultimate knowledge and at the same time exhausted any possibility of dissatisfaction and resentment, though Vandana Shiva was not lagging behind in spreading lies outside Canada jurisdiction. I admire the courage of Shanti Bhushan and Prashant Bhushan in highlighting this issue and wholeheartedly support them. To me at this level to be honest is not sufficient – they have to be outstandingly brilliant and fast. At Supreme Court level most of the cases come for final review from High Court therefore ‘Integrity’ is most important. But at High Court level Justices JD Kapoor, Ravidra Butt, A.K. Sikri and S.S. Saron are outstanding in all counts – JD Kapoor had retired but was most daring though slightly deficient in crafting judgments. In fact Supreme Court judges ought to have the courage to reverse the damage done by the state or executive or corrupt subordinate judiciary and let the justice prevail. ‘There are also Ugly Judges also who were are shamelessly corrupt. Many are ‘Scoundrel Grade’ like Justice Eradi who shall deliberately pronounce Bad Judgments. In my own dealings just 1-2 were honest and competent – 1-2 good but 8-10 were scoundrel grade. There are at least 10 deliberate blunders in Ravi Beas Award. Even before a single dam was built on Ravi and Beas to regulate waters and most of the water was going waste he declared that water surplus and apportioned it to non riparian states that led further turmoil in Punjab. Supreme Court judges have adequate staff and access to Knowledge of The World – through Google. Any lapse in their judgments makes dent in the frame work of our constitution and compromise Nations Integrity. KG Basin Loot By RIL Supreme Court appeared spineless and utterly incompetent in a proxy case brought before Nations judiciary by two brothers with history of frauds to get Judicial Stamp on their Mega Fraud on people of India . Even allowing for $10b capitalization against $1b for KG Gas project the production cost was just $0.89 per mmbtu but was allowed $4.20 per mmbtu rate. Supreme Court fumbled in Call Re-routing case as well. In Cauvery Dispute case Supreme Court was more abusive towards Chief Minister and less wise to address the issue. Its orders were bad – water ordered to be released would have evaporated or soaked in riverbed before reaching Cauvery Delta when amount in store with Karnataka was only 25% of its entitlement. New Delhi witnessed Rs.1000 crores worth Fabricated Theft cases against innocent consumers twice more through unwritten compromises when no case is made out by considering load factor in to calculations. Nations judiciary was compromised to criminally enrich Ambanis and Tatas. Supreme Court judgment Appeal (civil) 2846 of 2006 ought to be applicable since June2003 as per MERC order was not even ‘Circulated Among Regulators’ was direct conspiracy of Reliance Power and Tata Power to ‘Cheat Consumers’ but Scandalous Judgment of ‘Pradeep Nandrajog’ Delhi High Court was prominently considered by even superior judiciary. In fact Anil Sardana, CEO of NDPL and his chief legal advisor Sudhir Nandrajog dictated the judgment WP(C) 12328 /2005 Dated 14/12/2005 is publicly known to people familiar with the case. What can be more shameful for the country than that BIS was made to ‘Amend Metering Regulations Thrice’ to accommodate dubious judgment of Pradeep Nandrajog and R.V. Shahi, ex. CEO of BSES as The Secretary MoP notified the Scanned Copy of the 12328 on MoP website immediately without waiting for official release but 2846 of the Supreme Court bench favorable to consumers was not even after years. We support Shashi Bhushan and Prashant Bushan and wish them success in their initiative. Ravinder Singh


    Letter Cum Petition / January04, 2006.

    Honorable CJI Mr. Y.K. Sabarwal,
    Supreme Court Of India.

    WP(C) 12328 /2005 Dated 14/12/2005

    Petitioner: Ravinder Singh, WIPO Awarded Inventor & Engineer.
    Y-77, Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016

    Petitioner in 30 years read tens of thousands of patents, technical reports & articles and written own petitions and reports, has found 12328 is the worst and most scandalously corrupted apex judgment in the world.

    DHC Judgment 12328 of Pradeep Nandrajog has fully exposed the rampant corruption, gross incompetence & connivance of the judiciary with criminals or corrupts and there is very little justice for common man in India.

    The conduct of RV Shahi led worst performing Power Ministry in posting this scandalous 12328 on MoP website w/o clearance from CEA or CERC is most shocking which is accessed by all Indian and Foreign Power Companies, foreign missions, all professionals and consumer activists and their operatives in India sending a clear message that Indian power sector is led by Absolute Idiots who first corrupted then scandalized the judiciary.

    When India is seeking foreign investment, particularly in Power Sector, world is alerted by this judgment to gross incompetence of our government and its total failure, corruption & incompetence of Indian Judiciary.

    If this judgment is to be implemented it will cause economic loss of Rs. 3,00,000 crores by 2020 from (1) Imports of 250 million meters Rs. 1,00,000 crores, (2) Rs. 1,00,000 crores for rewiring and (3) Rs. 1,00,000 crores on independent generators or invertors.
    • BSES, CPRI & DERC (Respondents) deliberately procured judgment by not disclosing that CEA Metering Standards were available in 2004 that would have turned around entire loot program. CEA metering standards approved “Check Meters” for consumers, which exposes “Rigging By Electronics Meters”, so respondents “Disown It”.
    • DERC was constituted in 1999 but it did not emphasize metering of 8000 distribution transformers through that caused losses in excess of 50% over 6 years, presently only 3500 DT are metered. But it connived in installation of well over a million “Rigged Meters” in Delhi.
    • BSES had its own manufacturing plant that manufactured economical and reliable simple electronic meters at Dadra & Nagar Haveli. These could not be rigged to run fast so highly expensive Chinese Meters, which could be programmed to “Cheat Consumers”, were procured.
    • RV Shahi Sec., JP Chalsani BSES and Anil Sardana NDPL together looted Mumbai consumers from 1995. In 2004-5, BSES spent Rs 325 crores less on purchase of electricity, sold 160 crore more units, tariff reduction was 8.5% yet profit was Rs.916 Crores than 2000-01.
    • IER1956, Section 61, torpedoes the “Neutral” mischief.
    • Not a single entity in USA responsible for ENRON fraud is allowed to escape rule of law, there is No Check On Thugs In India Who Corrupt All Institutions.

    (1) ENRON v/s BSES. Petitioner examined many reports, prosecution charge sheets of Enron fraud (In percentage of turnover terms was something rampant in corporate India) that led to collapse of Enron and severe damage to connivers. Immediately US Government constituted a Special Task Force under US President to go after all corporate frauds. (Story Attached) No One Has To Beg For Justice In USA, Here Judiciary Is Corrupted And Connive With Criminals & Cheats.

    Prosecutors instituted several cases and charge sheets, put on web, in a most professional manner. It was amazing to see the professional skills of the prosecutors – the charge sheet of CFO Andrew Fastow was flawless. Every paragraph was perfect and a complete charge. Charge Sheet contained over 80-90 charges and Andrew Fastow admitted to a couple of them and bargained for 10 years jail term. The only entity let off so far by USA Supreme Court was disintegrated Arthur Anderson, once the largest auditor in the world but employee who helped Enron Fraud, was charged.

    US Government, prosecutors and judiciary are all collaborating to award severest penalties and damages to all contributing to corporate fraud. The moment a fraud is reported, entire media pounce on the story. Most of the investigations are entrusted to appropriate “Specialist Private Investigators” who carry out immaculate investigation and prepare accurate charge sheet.

    Indian judges and lawyers are grossly incompetent who deliberately create mischief & lies and mislead courts and introduce irrelevant materials.

    BSES, DERC, Government Agencies And Judiciary Have all connived to not just deny justice to Suresh Jindal, but also strangulate 1100 million Indians. Judgment 12328 broadcast to the world “There Is Jungle Rule In India.”

    Zero Tolerance: Constitution Empowers Judiciary To Sternly Deal With All Kinds Of Criminals, Crooks And Incompetent.

    (2) The only issue in 12328 was “Consumer Felt Cheated” when newly installed meter started showing 2.68 times or 168% more reading that coupled to steep tariff increases for domestic consumers resulted in 4 times high electricity bills (Para 22 of order). Under India Electricity Rules 1956 section 57, variation allowed is only 3% plus or minus. Without declaring older meter to be faulty Respondent Discom installed a fast meter and refused to install a “Check Meter” which is permissible at all times & in CEA Metering Standards & Regulation 2004.

    Damn Lies.

    (3) Paragraph 84 of 12328 reads “It is unfortunate that till date the Central Electricity Authority has not notified any regulations under section 55.” BSES, DERC, Delhi State & CPRI etc all lied “Deliberately” for obviously they clearly knew CEA had introduced the Regulations in 2004 itself and petitioner attached its clippings in Petition to honorable President & others on Nov.29, 2005 and followed up e.mails immediately to CPRI, CERC, DERC, State Government etc. along with copies to scores of secretaries and members of parliament ahead of Dec.05, 2005 hearing and December14, 2005. The first para of the CEA order is copied here.
    CEA: Regulations on Installation and Operation of Meters

    Central Electricity Authority Regulations, 2004
    on Installation and Operation of Meters
    1. Short Title, Commencement, Extent and Interpretation:

    i) These Regulations shall be called the Central Electricity Authority
    Regulations, 2004 on Installation and Operation of Meters framed as per
    provisions under Section 177 and Section 55 of the Electricity Act, 2003.
    ii) These Regulations shall come into force on the date of their publication in
    the official Gazette of India unless a definite subsequent date is stipulated in
    particular Regulations or Sub-Regulations.

    On para 24 of 12328 judgment quotes damn lies of CPRI that accuracy of electronics meters is 0.01% but CEA / BIS approved standards for Class 1 & 2 meters only that is 1% and 2% accuracy for domestic consumers which is no better than current generation of Electro Mechanical meters which are extremely reliable and durable also, cost less above all are made in India.

    (4) The CEA Metering Regulation 2004, whether notified or not are expert opinion of the supreme electricity body which Electricity Commissions and Discoms are to follow diligently. Regulation provided for “Check Meters” to monitor the functioning of Discom’s consumer meters also.

    Discoms wanted three meters; main, check & standby when they buy electricity from Generators but didn’t want consumers to have check meters to monitor “Discom’s Rigged Electronics Meters”.

    Discoms opposed installation of parallel “Check Meters”, evidence is in hundreds of consumer court cases.

    Discoms prevented “Notification Of CEA Regulation 2004”, was quick to get dubious 12328 judgment notified on MoP website bypassing CEA and CERC etc. pointing to criminal conspiracy & manipulation.

    (5) No Meters On 56% Distribution Transformers. As per the latest MoP document only 3500 of 8000 Distribution transformers are provided with meters in Delhi, most desirable to check theft (Para 78) though DERC was constituted in 1999 with the appointment of V.K. Sood as Chairman of DERC but it deliberately neglected DB transformer metering that would have “Pin Pointed Theft” in Delhi. Discoms manipulated and made sure no member was appointed to DERC and 21 members Advisory Council is not constituted to supervise the functioning of DERC/ Discoms. (Enclosure )

    Correct domestic consumer meters were replaced by “Programmable Rigged Electronics Chinese Meters.”
    In Recent Past At So Many Places Perfectly Working Meters Were Replaced Twice / Now Have Third Chinese Meter.

    Obviously 4500 Un-metered Distribution transformers largely serve all illegal industries, unauthorized colonies, slums and commercial establishments. Direct illegal connections from transformers could be given from all metered transformers also. BYPL allowed direct connection from transformer in illegal manner to CEO of NDPL Anil Sardana at 15 Gagan Vihar, such connection attracts much higher bulk tariff than domestic tariff.

    Judiciary Must Deal With This “Loot” Most Sternly.

    (6) More Damn Lies & Incompetence Of Judge Pradeep Nandrajog.

    The Judge deliberately turned a blind eye to the “Most Relevant Section Of The IER 1956. And obviously Respondents case is lost the moment Section 61 is read and considered.

    IER 1956, Section 61.

    61. Connection with earth. – (1) The following provisions shall apply to the connection with earth of systems at low voltage in cases where the voltage normally exceeds 125 volts and of systems at medium voltage:-

    2 [(a) Neutral conductor of a 3 phase, 4 wire system and the middle conductor of a 2 phase, 3-wire system shall be earthed by not less than two separate and distinct connections with a minimum of two different earth electrodes or such large number as may be necessary to bring the earth resistance to a satisfactory value both at the generating station and at the sub-station. The earth electrodes so provided, may be inter-connected to reduce earth resistance. It may also be earthed at one or more points along the distribution system or service line in addition to any connection with earth which may be at the consumer’ s premises.]

    The above section describes “Neutral Conductor” and its interconnection. The objective of interconnections is to minimize resistance to the return path of the current that also drastically reduce energy losses in the neutral conductor. Neutral Conductor losses are proportional to square of resistance- reducing resistance by half reduces Neutral conductor losses to a quarter.

    Last sentence of the above sub section about Neutral conductor- “It may also be earthed at one or more points along the distribution system or service line in addition to any connection with earth which may be at the consumer’ s premises.” “Any Connection With Earth” means any other Neutral also which itself is earthed conductor as given in first sentence of 2a above.

    There is no change in the basic distribution system of three phase and neutral where three phases are at high potential and the neutral completes the return circuit via earth. Wiring of house is like water distribution pipes and gutters corresponding to phase and neutral respectively. Water lines to each home are independent but all gutters are vertically connected in most cases to save space and cost.

    It was therefore scandalous & criminal mischief of Respondents and J. Pradeep Nandrajog to blame wiring for fast running of meters. (Para 98 to 103)

    Gross Incompetence and Mischief is planted in judgment in Para 73 describing advantages. Electromechanical meters were routinely repaired at nominal cost but all electronics meters can’t be repaired for there are no workshops for the same. Cost is another issue- Chinese meters cost Rs. 2500/- each against Rs. 400/- for Electro-mechanical meters.

    (7) It was deliberate mischief of J. Pradeep Nandrajog on instigations of respondents to allege “Addition of extra points in the homes” as if he lived all his live in Jhuggis. All homes have “15A Power Points & A 5A Plug Point In Each Room, Kitchen & Bath.” He therefore deliberately “Misread Section 17” while admitting “Consumer Was Charged More Due To Common Neutral Due Sharing Common Generator/ Inverter.”(Paras 100-103) and denied any relief to the consumer (Para 106).

    It is scandalous to propose “Residents Of A Building Can’t Share A Generator”. India is a poor country people share Toilets, Telephones, Typewriters / Computers etc. In last couple of decades land shortage and its rising prices has made it unviable to build a single owner dwelling unit in cities. High-rise or multi story buildings are common with common generators, booster pumps, tubewells and services therefore Pradeep Nandrajog’s assumption was deliberate “Mischief”.

    But in actual practice Respondents allowed illegal transformers, 56% of them without even meters, power lines.

    AT&C losses in Nagafgarh are 88% even today, possible due to illegal transformers without meters & power lines network provided by Discoms. Legal consumers pay for the Respondent sponsored “Loot” through tariff increases, breakdowns of power necessitating use of Generator / Invertors. Rigged Chinese Meters are additional burdens.

    (8) Promotion Of Rigged Chinese Meters. Para 15 to 17 of 12328 explains the introduction of new standards for Electronics meters IS 13779:99 for Class 1 & 2 and amendments to it in October 2003, October 2004 and December 2004.

    Good quality electro-mechanical meters also conform to Class 1 and 2. So there is absolutely no advantage in replacing working meters second and third time. The only advantage to Respondents is they can be “Rigged”.


    (9) Eccentric Behavior Of Pradeep Nandrajog. But most scandalous conduct of the Judge Nandrajog “Promoting Rigged” meters is that when the meters were accurate why it took 10 months from the day Suresh Jindal complained and over five months after depositing Rs 100/- as testing fees and objected to fast running meter. (Para 20-21 of Judgment)

    • How can a judge pass any meter, which is to record consumption round the clock that could not be tested for 5 months? And approve all kinds of electronics meters for use by all consumers in Delhi/ India. This was only few of the cases where people deposited “Testing Fees”.

    • Request of consumer to install “Check Meters” was denied which is approved by CEA Meters Regulation 2004. Millions of Chinese meters were purchased without making any arrangement for their testing and servicing.

    • Millions of Chinese meters were purchased without making any arrangement for their testing and servicing even before “Procuring BIS Certification & Amendments” so confident were respondents.

    Without Even Caring To Name The Make And Model Of The Meter Installed In March 2004 At Suresh Jindal’s Premises (Para 20), Pradeep Nandragog Approved 1000s Of All Recent Models Of Electronics Meters Made By Hundreds Of Companies In India & Abroad To Be Accurate And Perfectly Good & Suitable For India.

    Respondents Corrupted MoP Immediately, Who Put It Up On Its Official Website Certifying Over 5 Crore Meters To Be Accurate.

    (10) Eccentric Judgment Rs. 3,00,000 Crore Liability To India By 2020. World’s most eccentric judgment of Nandrajog “Approves Change Of Meter Every Time New Meter Is Launched In The Market Without Even Improving Accuracy Standards Which Remain 1% to 2% for Class 1 & 2 meters that is also available with current generation of Electro-Mechanical meters.

    (a) Pradeep Nandrajog scandalously did not consider cost of installing new generation of Chinese meters replacing perfectly working meters. Discoms in Delhi asked for over Rs. 600 crores in ARR for introducing Electronics meters which is over Rs.3,000/- each average and add to it cost of installation charged from consumers and servicing up to 2020 could add up to over Rs.4000/- to Rs.5000/-. For 25 Crore meters liability exceed
    = Rs. 1,00,000 Crores with interest.

    (b) Pradeep Nandrajog scandalously directed “Rewiring” which @ Rs. 5,000/- on all India basis may cost Rs. 1,00,000 crores with interest.

    (c) Pradeep Nadrajog also scandalously ordered separate or independent generator / inverter for each consumer in a building which again implies expenditure of Rs. 10,000/- average. = Cost Rs. 1,00,000 Crores including cost of maintenance, replacement, installation and interest.


    (11) Scandalous Conduct Of MoP, DERC, CPRI, & ISI. Conduct of DERC in not securing compliance or general directions of MoP to install meters on all Distribution Transformers and then conniving in installation of very costly Chinese meters, in so many cases replacing existing Electronics meters is scandalous but these crooks deserved to be “Hanged” for corrupting J. Pradeep Nandrajog and getting favorable orders by “Deliberately Misleading The Court Regarding CEA Metering Regulations 2004 and Section 62 Of IER 1956 etc” and securing “Directions For Rewiring Of Premises And Separate Generators/ Inverter For Each Consumer”.

    (12) CRIMINAL NEXUS: R.V. Shahi (Secretary MoP) led BSES, assisted by J.P. Chalsani, CEO BRPL, and Anil Sardana CEO NDPL together working for BSES in 2001 put up a Electronics Meter Manufacturing Company at BSES Telecom Limited. Factory Address is given under.

    Suvey No. 213, Plot No. 9210, Opposite Parsurampuria,
    Dadra, UT of Dadra & Nagar Haveli, Pin 396 191.

    (Copy of the back page, which gives its pictures and addresses, attached)

    When they discovered “Programmable Chinese Meters That Could Be Rigged To Cheat Consumers Were Available” they imported these meters and did not use their own production line.

    BSES Mumbai in 2004-05 paid Rs.325 crores less to buy electricity, sold 160 crores more units, tariff was reduced by 8.5% but still made Rs.916 crores pbt. than 2001-02 when Shahi, Chalsani and Sardana worked together.

    (a) It is established well beyond reasonable doubt that J. Pradeep Nandrajog BSc(Hons) was corrupted by the Respondents & it appears that Respondents dictated the judgment or he simply signed on dotted lines.

    There Is Not A Single Line In Judgment That Protects Consumers From Rigged Programmable Meters
    — But Everything Irrelevant To This Meters Case Was
    Distortedly & Mischievously Included.

    (b) Loot Conspiracy: In Para 101 J. Pradeep Nandrajog agreed that Electronics meters recorded more units of electricity than actual supply. But Scandalously Did Not Try To Ascertain The Difference By “Electro-Mechanical Check Meter”.

    • The Electronics Meters Were Deliberately Programmed To Record More Consumption Than Actual Supply. Instead of anti theft measure, it is “Loot Conspiracy.”

    • The Actual Supply Through “Phase” Could Have Been Recorded As Real Energy Supply & Readings Based On “Neutral” Current As “Virtual Return.” In Actual Metering also there is “Real Energy Supply” As “KWH” And Reactive Energy As “KVAH”.

    (c) Any honorable Judge would have asked for “Demonstration” of how “Meters Record More Electricity Than Supply” on “Test Bed.”

    (d) But most Eccentric part of all his judgment was reserved in Para 105, “—Social Audit Can Detect Excessive Billing Due To Fast Meters If Any.” He explained that “Difference In Electricity Supplied & Sum Total Will Determine The Excess Billing”. When losses are 40% to 88%, it actually meant that Respondents Be Allowed To Rig Meters To Cheat Honest Consumers Till Losses Due To Theft, Entirely Due To Connivance Of Discoms, Are Equalized.

    Social Audit Of BSES Mumbai Loot Since 1996, Could Not Get Back A Rupee Of 300 Crore Units Of Annual Electricity Loot So Far.

    Remedy 1:- Criminal Cheating Cases Be Registered against RV Shahi, J.P Chasani and Anil Sardana For Above Loot.

    Remedy 2: – A Regular Panel Of Retired Supreme Court Judges Be Constituted To Investigate All “Corruption Cum Negligence Cum Incompetence Cases”.

    Remedy 3: All Apex Judgments Be Put On Free Websites.

    Remedy 4: – Court Procedures Be Simplified To Let Experts Submit Opinion Without Hassles. “Reports On Meters” were regularly mailed to the Supreme Court & Delhi High Court, This Dubious Judgment Was Avoidable – Accountability Standards for Judges Be Introduced.

    Remedy 5: – All delays in court cases and piling up of huge backlog are due to “Corrupt & Incompetent Judges”.

    Remedy 6: – High Power Judicial Commission Be Constituted To Investigate (i) “Loot In Mumbai” (ii) Corruption In DVB Privatization & (iii) Enquiry In To Rigged Chinese Meters”.
    Thank you,

    (Ravinder Singh)
    Attachment: 1.
    Pradeep Nandrajog Obtained Graduation degree in Chemistry (Hons.) from Hans Raj College, Delhi therefore spent hours every school and college day in Science labs for 6 years. Therefore was familiar with most lab equipments or at least supposed to understand basic functioning of “Instruments and Their Accuracy”.

    He fully understands that to measure a certain quantity of a liquid there are innumerable equipments in a laboratory. Likewise there can be so many ways to meter electricity. We should adopt an economical solution, which is reliable also, is made locally of Indian parts, could be serviced locally and could be tested easily. Electronics Chinese Meters Do Not Full Fill Any Of These Criteria.

    Framing of questions in Para 26 of Judgment 12328, given his science qualifications, were scandalously wrong. They ought to have been-

    1) What is the “Difference In Metering Consumption When Both Type Of Meters Serve The Same Load – Connected In Series”?
    2) What is the cost of new meters of both common types for class 1 or 2 Standards?
    3) What is the cost of repairing both types of meters after they are drenched in a bucket of water for 5 minutes each?
    4) Demonstrate on “Test Bed” how electronics meter show more readings when neutrals are shared.

    And constituted a team of 10 experts, 5 experts each representing Respondents and Consumers to report back in 7 days.

    • On Para 24 of 12328 judgment quotes CPRI that accuracy of electronics meters is 0.01% but BIS approved standards for Class 1 & 2 meters only as per Para 15 of 12328 that is 1% and 2% accuracy for domestic consumers which is no better than current generation of Indian Electro Mechanical meters.

    • Similarly in Para 19 of 12328 judgment error rate is stated to be 0.005%. This too is absolutely scandalous because at meters conference attended by all respondents in Meridien Hotel 25% or more Electronics meters were reported to fail in first month itself. Most of all L&T made electronic meters installed in 2003 & 2004 were replaced in 2005 by Chinese meters.

    • In Para 22 of the judgment consumption of a consumer went up from 611 units per month to 1640 units per day but he didn’t try to ascertain its cause but gave clean chit to all kinds of Electronics meters.

    • In Para 71 Pradeep Nandrajog “Brushed Aside” objections of the council for the petitioner that “Electronics Meters Have No Consumer Friendly Essential Features”. This Is Absolutely Scandalous.

    It Was Criminal Conspiracy Of Respondents To “Deliberately Disable Essential Features Like “High Resolution, Instant Load and Daily/Fortnightly Readings”. These Three Features Would Have Helped Consumers Detect Rigging By Discoms.

    • “High Resolution” of 0.01 unit would have alerted consumers to any “Illegal Operations” Of The Electronics Meters.

    • “Instant Load” feature would have given the power of load connected. Any deviation would have indicated “Rigged Meters.”

    • Similarly “Daily and Fortnightly Readings” would have also alerted consumers to “Abnormal Metering.”


    • In Para 60 of the Judgment refers to Section 60 of IER1956 which directs Discoms to install correct meters but it doesn’t mean BIS to come out with new standards every year and replacing good meters every year.

    • In Para 70 the Judgment refers to certification by BIS wherein “Respondents Claimed Electronics Meters Supplied By Vendors Conform To BIS Standards” and Pradeep Nandrajog Blindly Accepted It To Be True. Three BIS amendments were made to IS 13779 between October2003 and December2004, how vendors could introduce changes in the meters so frequently, have them “Certified By BIS So Quickly” and then market them to Discoms.


    • BSES Website Specify All Imported Components For Electronics Meters. There is thus a huge foreign exchange implication here.

    • “Muddai Sust, Judge Chust” Para 78 of the Judgment is a clear case of Judge helping the respondent in plundering and exploiting consumers by dumping “High Cost Imported Programmable Meters Which Can Jump Readings etc.” when actually Respondents did not install electronics meters to 4500 of 8000 Distribution Transformers in six years. Understandably respondents are not interested in introducing “Electronics Meters To Their Supply Equipments”.

    • How A Science Graduate Could Explain That Some Thief Was Directly Abstracting Power Bypassing The Meter, Will Ultimately Help The Honest Consumer Served By Programmable Rigged Meter? (Para 78 of Judgment)

    It is utter nonsense that recordings of all consumers would add up to electricity drawn from the Distribution transformers. 10% or more is lost in power lines alone.

    • Section 55 of EA 2003 specify only correct meter not “Any Imported High Cost Programmable Meter” which Pradeep Nadrajog Judicially Tried To Thrust On Consumers. (Para 83 of Judgment)
    Enron executive to testify against former bosses

    [This is the print version of story
    AM – Thursday, 29 December , 2005 08:18:58
    Reporter: Michael Rowland
    TONY EASTLEY: Now to the United States, and judgement day for the former Enron executives who oversaw one of the biggest corporate collapses in American history.

    In the latest development, the company’s chief accounting officer, Richard Causey, who’s facing dozens of criminal charges himself, has agreed to testify against his former bosses in return for a lighter sentence.

    Washington Correspondent Michael Rowland reports.

    MICHAEL ROWLAND: The December 2001 collapse of Enron was the first in a number of high-profile corporate failures in the US, but it’s the bankruptcy that still resonates through financial, government and legal circles four years later.

    The fraud-induced bankruptcy put tens of thousands of people out of work and saw investors lose billions of dollars.

    It also prompted much tighter regulatory controls and stiffer sentences for corporate crimes.

    And it appears the prospect of a long time behind bars is what’s prompted Enron’s former chief accounting officer, Richard Causey, to strike a deal with federal prosecutors.

    Mr Causey, along with Enron’s founder Kenneth Lay and its former chief executive, Jeffrey Skilling, were scheduled to face trial in less than three weeks.

    JAY FAHY: At the end of the day, it’s very, very harmful to the defence, in this case, that he’s cooperating with the Government.

    MICHAEL ROWLAND: Former federal prosecutor Jay Fahy says Mr Causey’s move should worry his co-defendants.

    JAY FAHY: Well, all three men have been preparing to go to trial; they’ve been working together on a mutual and joint defence. I’m sure they have an agreement on joint defence. However, if he’s going to become now a Government witness, he’s going to give them some insights into what the defence case was going to be, and it’s going to be… those insights are going to be very valuable.
    MICHAEL ROWLAND: Mr Causey isn’t the first former Enron executive to blink in the face of potentially severe penalties.

    In fact, 16 former Enron high fliers have agreed to cooperate with the Government, the most prominent of whom is the company’s one-time finance chief Andrew Fastow.

    Jacob Frenkel, another former prosecutor, says the 25-year jail sentence dished out earlier this year to Bernie Ebbers, the head of the failed telecommunications giant WorldCom, would be concentrating Richard Causey’s mind.

    JACOB FRENKEL: For him it creates some sense of certainty, a known jail term, as opposed to the risk associated with going to trial and potentially losing, particularly on the heels of Bernie Ebbers getting a two-decade sentence.

    MICHAEL ROWLAND: The rolling over of his former chief accountant could now make life very difficult indeed for Enron’s founder Kenneth Lay, who’s very much become the poster boy of bad corporate behaviour in the US.

    Mr Lay is pleading not guilty to the string of fraud and conspiracy charges he’s facing, and he’s been conducting a very public pre-trial campaign to clear his name.

    KENNETH LAY: I recently entitled my speech “Living In The Crosshairs Of The US Criminal Justice System”, which is where I believe I’ve been living for most of the last four years. However, once indicted on July 8th 2004, I felt a more appropriate title is “Guilty Until Proven Innocent”.

    MICHAEL ROWLAND: But former prosecutor Jay Fahy believes today’s development dramatically increases the stakes for Kenneth Lay.

    JAY FAHY: Ken Lay has been able to project himself as being kind of aloof and not involved. This could change the dynamics of that.

    MICHAEL ROWLAND: It’s a shift that’d be welcomed by the army of burnt investors and former employees who blame Mr Lay for Enron’s spectacular crash.

    This is Michael Rowland reporting for AM.
    Exclusive Report to Hon PM ‘Electricity Metering, A Cheating Service’
    July28, 2010

    Honorable Prime Minister,
    Dr. Manmohan Singh,
    South Bloc,
    New Delhi 110016

    Respected Sir,

    This WIPO awarded inventor and Technology Expert had exclusive ‘Experience & Understanding’ of critical areas of Indian economy – Electricity, Water, Agriculture, R&D, Transport, MSME etc and have petitioned to your office for 30 years. For example – Food-grains had to be stored in sealed Drums and Bins immediately on harvest with farmers than rotting in markets or stored with FCI. Farmers suffer due to loss of quality, quantity and price of his produce.

    Here is a Classic Example of why GOI in spite of best intentions and sincerity fails to meet the aspirations of 99% of the population and most of GOI programs are ‘Hijacked by Corrupt Mafia’ and the reason – Consumers, Farmers, MSMEs and Professionals are ‘Excluded from The Decision Making & Implementation Process’.

    This exclusive presentation explains not a single feature of mostly imported costly electronics meters is used for the benefit of consumers or economy but every single feature is used to Cheat Consumers and India – Great Liability of $60b and source of harassment all consumers – particularly Domestic Consumers that have highest seasonal and specific variation in consumption of electricity. For example a consumer may go on a holiday another may have guests or functions like birthdays, similarly a businessman may have high consumption in a MIG flat but his retired neighbor low use of electricity – Electronics Meters shall record the highest demand that may be for 2-3 hours. Thus most of the Theft Case Victims are senior citizens, widow, pensioners and unemployed.

    Actually Electronics Meter are programmed to record even 15 minutes or 30 minutes peak consumption for decades – Distribution Companies use such data to raise ‘Fabricated Theft Cases’. These Electronics Meters can also be programmed to ‘Register 24hour or 168 hour Peak Consumption’ or monthly peak consumption to be realistic and protect consumers but maliciously not introduced.

    In the case of most industrial consumers electricity cost is just 5% of business turnover and demand is steady – it is unbelievable Distribution Companies couldn’t provide regular connections, maintain meters correctly and realize bills regularly.

    CANADA rejected ‘Electronic Meters’

     This petitioner within 48 hours of ‘Pradeep Nandrajog’ criminalized Delhi High Court order WP(C) 12328 /2005 Dated 14/12/2005 appearing on Ministry of Power website that turned upside down the ‘Electricity Distribution Globally Prevalent Standard Practice To Interconnect Neutrals & Earths At Numerous Places For Safety and Reducing Electrical Losses’ to separate Neutrals and Earths of consumers – even after my petitions – Central Electricity Authority Metering Regulations persists with this ‘Technical Blunder’ – This meant not just additional wiring of ‘Common Points’ but shall also make it desirable for consumers to have independent Standby Generators and Booster Pumps etc. Huge burden if implemented of $60b for imported meters, wiring and O&M. Energy loss in wiring could go up by at least 1% to 5% in case of heavy load situations.

     Canada had only approved ‘Electronic Meters’ for consumers with ‘Stringent Conditions’ that Electronics Meters run by complicated ‘Software’ need be ‘Re-Certified Annually’ to protect consumers from malfunctioning meters. Every single electronic meter had to be ‘Certified Annually’. But not no consumer Electronic Meters in ‘Certified in last 10 Years in India.’ Few thousand are tested at site. BRPL installed my meter – didn’t give any test certificate.

     Canada Electricity Association estimated cost of fully introducing Electronic Meters for around 10 million consumers at $1.8b in Canada. Since India will have 250 million electricity consumers in same time frame – it shall be $45b liability. Canada doesn’t prescribe ‘Separate Wiring.’

     Indian Regulators in their ‘Forum of Regulators’ meet in August09, 2010 admitted ‘There is no Independent Third Party Testing of Electronic Meters’ – such a shame – Electricity Consumers can’t even independently verify the correct functioning of these meters.

     Most scandalously when Pradeep Nandrajog Order came patronized by CEA, MoP and procured by NDPL and BSES in Delhi, only 3500 of 8000 Distribution Transformers were metered.

     Metering of Electricity without ‘Annual Certification of Electronic Meters’ is a fraud on consumers and total ‘Fabrication’.

     General Electric Patent ‘USP 6459258’ explains scores of ways Electronics Meters can be manipulated by Distribution Companies. (Highlights Clipped Here in Last Pages.) But not a single ‘Criminal Case’ has been registered against Distribution Companies in India.


     Florida introduced ‘Electronic Meters’ with success and economic gains – Florida Power and Lights automatically monitors and regulates its own system for reliability, economic benefit and fast service but also regulates ‘600MW’ consumer load through remote operations and automatically ‘Warns’ consumer when there is malfunction in consumers’ important gadgets.

     FLP rewards a consumer $490 annually just for regulating his 35ton air-conditioner with additional benefits of smooth and uninterrupted power supply. Rs.25,000 annually is a huge reward.

     CANADA has huge hydro power generation don’t need FPL practices to stabilize grid and power supply and prefer to save $1.8b to its consumers.

    But India Is Corrupt

     India has actually used ‘Electronic Meters’ only for Cheating Consumers and Fabricating Theft Case. Electronics Meters are rigged to run fast often doubling electricity bills.

     BRPL/BYPL were compelled to install meters on its transformers – most have no ‘Display’ that means none of the maintenance staff can read it. There is communication with Distribution Transformers – even after wasting close to Rs.8,000 crores – four hours after a transformer tripped – two men with a cart and a 18 feet ladder came to switch on the breaker – all this while invertors and generators were operated by consumers. Even to attend to a local fault entire feeder is tripped.

     Firstly there is No Inter Operable Meter Readers which no one not even DERC or CPRI but the distribution companies could access data in ‘Electronic Meters’. Secondly ‘55 Tamper Conditions’ are incorporated in to Electronic Meters and there are 805 metering parameters incorporated in to meters and meter reading devices. Details clipped in last 4 pages.

     Secondly all the metering data is ‘Encrypted’ hence no one but distribution companies can – a clear malpractice to exclude CBI, CRPI or Third Party Inspection of Meters that can be programmed to run fast.

     The simplest procedure is to ‘Feed Meter Constant’ as 800 pulses/unit against 1600 pulses per unit and Electronic Meters shall run 2X fast. Electronic Meters in India are actually ‘Tools to Cheat Consumers’

     Over 0.1 Million Domestic Consumers in Delhi had been ‘Falsely Implicated in Fabricated Theft Cases’ and over Rs.1000 Crores realized as illegal penalty.

     In spite 55 Tamper Conditions and 805 Metering Parameters that no one can access in Electronics Meters of BRPL/BYPL/NDPL – Women and Senior Citizens are ‘Framed in Theft Cases For Tampering With Meters’ – in 95% of Cases Distribution companies had open access to meters and actually seen meters hundred times before fabricating theft case.

     It is the Distribution Companies responsibility to maintain and check meters for accuracy.

     Most scandalously BRPL in a rejoinder to DERC claimed its ‘Meter Readers’ are not skilled to check meter seals.


    1. There is ‘Continued Leakage of Revenue of Rs.50,000 crores’ on account of technical losses, under declaring sales or corruption, Abuse of Technology and industry and people suffer.

    REMEDY: –

    2. Appoint a Committee led by The Cabinet Secretary or Honorable Power Minister or Retired Supreme Court Judge to investigate the matter.

    Thank you,

    Ravinder Singh
    Inventor & Consultant
    Y-77, Hauz Khas,
    New Delhi 110016


    [Appendix 1 estimates that the regulatory burden will grow by nearly $7 million per year, as meters are installed in new constructions, eventually amounting to $223 million per year with a net present value exceeding $1.8 billion over the estimated 18-year lifetime of an electronic meter] Canada Electricity Association
    13. Financial Implications For The Electricity Industry
    The occurrence and severity of Measurement Canadas’ interventions and policies (Level 6) undermines the electric utility industry.s ability to optimise processes and reduce costs, and hinders the introduction of new metering technologies. Current regulations require that a larger percentage of electronic meters be recalled for periodic testing than electromechanical meters.
    For example, the figure below compares the annual cost for reverifying 100% of electronic meters vs. 1 – 5% of electromechanical meters allowed under present regulations. Utilities wishing to install new electronic meters will incur a per meter reverification cost up to 128 times higher than that of an electromechanical meter11. If all of the existing electromechanical meters were replaced under existing regulations, a new burden of $191.8 million would be added – exclusive of acquisition, initial verification and installation costs – due to federal regulations alone.

    [The combined barrier to electronic meters is $216 million per year, a cost that could be avoided by change in the present Measurement Canada regulations and specifications. The industry believes this can be accomplished without diminishing consumer and stakeholder confidence or loss of measurement
    accuracy. While $216 million per year is a significant barrier to adoption of electronic meters, a far larger cost is the value of opportunity lost to Canadian industry and consumers, which we have not estimated in this proposal.]

    [In 2000, Florida Power and Light (FPL) introduced automated power outage and power quality event reporting. Customers with sensitive equipment and semi- or unattended facilities requested automated notification of power outages and power quality events. FPL responded by replacing existing meters with
    new ones fitted with two-way wireless connection to an automated trouble response system. When a trouble call arrives, or power is restored, an automated process notifies the customer by pager, fax or email and a trouble crew is automatically dispatched. FPL is exceeding customer expectations through automated collection of reliability data to support performance-based regulation and optimisation of expenditures on capital, operation and maintenance. All of this at no cost to non-participating customers: customers choosing FPL’s new premium service offering have covered the cost of the new metering and wireless communications system.]

    [In Europe, the worlds’ largest publicly traded utility, Italy’s Enel, has installed the worlds’ largest direct control networking system, connecting 27 million homes and buildings via smart meters. Enel is transforming the Italian power grid into an intelligent service delivery platform providing energy-related and value-added services such as: appliance level load control; intelligent load shifting within the home to limit maximum demand while minimizing inconvenience; three new pricing options; remote security monitoring; emergency medical signaling; and, vending machine statistics/faults/out-of-stock. Revenue from the new services will pay for the system in four years. Enel also collects remote trouble diagnostics, remote theft and tamper detection, automated customer connect/ disconnect, and improved load profile and demand forecasting information. Enel pays less for the new digital meters than it did for electromechanical meter.]

    [FPL is also a leader in demand management. A combination of electronic meters fitted with automatic meter reading devices and load-shedding transponders allow FPL to offer a new demand management incentive to industrial and commercial customers. FPL installs load-shedding devices on qualified airconditioning systems and two-way communications provides direct control of this large peak following load. The load shedding equipment is installed free of charge and FPL refunds the customer a fixed rate amount of $14 US per ton of controllable air-conditioning load over the seven month cooling season. A 35 ton air conditioner can earn a rebate of $490 US whether the customer’s load is shed or not. Eleven thousand commercial and industrial customers enrolled in the “Business On Call” program. FPL also has a direct control load shedding program for residential customers, that turns off selected appliances in the home. Again, FPL installs the metering and control devices for free and refunds each
    residence a fixed amount up to $161 US per year, whether the customer’s load is shed or not. Over 750,000 customers have enrolled in this program. In all, FPL has over 600 MW of load under direct control, avoiding hundred’s of millions in the capital cost of generation while reducing green-house gas emissions at the same time. And FPL is just one of several similar US success stories that have used advanced electronic metering technologies to increase
    customer choice and satisfaction.]

    For example:

     The present requirement for 100% sampling of electronic meters means that deployment of single phase electronic meters is 128 times the cost of deploying electromechanical meters.

     Conversion of the electromechanical meter population to electronic would add $192 million per year to the cost of meter maintenance, exclusive of acquisition, initial verification and installation costs.

     The cost of maintaining the existing population of electronic meters is $24 million per year more than necessary to retain customer and stakeholder confidence in the accuracy of these meters. One can easily understand why Canadian utilities are not rushing to adopt new technology.
    V. Testing of Meters
    1. Presently, in most of the states and utilities, third-party testing of meters
    through an accredited institution is not in vogue. It has been tried, only selectively in the states of Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh,
    Maharashtra and Rajasthan. After review and deliberation on this issue, the Working Group recommends that
    (a) the practice of third-party testing should be introduced in all states with
    full earnestness; and
    (b) it should be ensured through accredited institutions and companies.

    6. There is a need to continuously upgrade the anti-tamper features since even the latest technologies become prone to tampering in due course of time. The CEA should carry out this exercise periodically and apprise FOR which in turn should disseminate the information to SERCs. It was brought to the notice of the Working Group that there was a case of tamper of the optical port in Punjab. In such a case, wireless technologies could be used to download data from the meter.
    ‘Report of High Level Committee on Standardization of Meter Protocol’ December2008 Central Electricity Authority, New Delhi reports –

     Firstly there is No Inter Operable Meter Readers which no one not even DERC or CPRI but the distribution companies could access data in ‘Electronic Meters’. Secondly ‘55 Tamper Conditions’ are incorporated in to Electronic Meters and there are 805 metering parameters incorporated in to meters and meter reading devices.

     It is a Criminal Conspiracy that only BRPL/ BYPL can read these meters. So when DERC ordered Meter Testing 2005 CPRI was entirely dependent on BRPL/ BYPL/NDPL for access to metering data that was not allowed – CPRI carried out external testing of meters. This was essential to BLACK OUT third party access to their meters to raise Fabricated Bills and DAE cases.

     S. K. Dass of NDPL in related presentation admitted Electronic Meters can be programmed to record less consumption – there is no consumer who has skills to Tamper Meters to record less consumption but BRPL/BYPL extensively used this feature also explained in GE Patents to raise ‘Fabricate High Consumption’ doubling consumer bills.

    Electronic Meters Interoperability

    6.1.8. Data Security

    The IEC provides three levels of data security as described in the IEC 62056-51
    standard. Data security requires encryption/decryption/authentication of data based on the latest standard algorithms of data security. DLMS-UA is currently adding new security features which include data encryption based on International practice.

    Maintenance of the IEC 62056 (DLMS/COSEM) specification:-

    5. Security Supports three security levels. Meter can be programmed to expose
    different data using different security levels. Meter data can be
    divided into multiple “Associations” and a different security level
    can be specified for each association

    1. Low level security – Pass-words
    2. High level security Challenges
    3. Ciphering – A symmetric key algorithm AES-GCM128 has been
    selected, as specified in NIST SP 800-38-D. It provides
    authenticated encryption to xDLMS APDUs.
    4. For key transport, the AES key wrap algorithm has been selected.
    This provides full interoperability.
    6 Open Standard The standard documents are available

    4. Background

    India has a large installed base of energy meters procured from numerous Indian and International manufacturers serving the Indian market. Constant monitoring and tracking of metering assets and electric usage have become very important for all the electricity Utilities. The requirement of complex analysis and load management applications has also emerged in the current scenario. Therefore, collection, validation and transformation of data from a large number of meters have to be carried out to realise benefit from the investments on the meters.

    The advent of static meters has resulted in changes in the method of data collection. The reading can be taken manually, downloaded into a hand held device or transferred through a communication media to a Central location. Evolution of the electricity meters using microprocessor based technology has historically taken place with proprietary protocols to provide internally stored values in formats unique to the manufacturer. With the change in requirements of the utilities, additional parameters and features have been added resulting in different versions of meters even from the same manufacturer. The users of these multiple versions of meters are burdened with multiple data formats on proprietary protocols. The Utilities have to buy and maintain separate Application Program Interface (API) software from each meter manufacturer in order to make use of the data from different versions of meters. In addition third party handheld readers and remote metering systems have to be updated for every new meter type/ version added to the utility system. The proprietary protocols results in dependence of the DISCOMs on the vendors of meters as the APIs are needed for integration of metering information with the IT infrastructure. This resulted in focus on the development of open protocol.

    6.2. OPTION TWO: Meter Interoperability Solution (MIOS)

    According to this solution all meter manufacturers will continue to maintain their
    existing design and communication protocols. However, they will provide application program interface (API) software analogous to a driver file which can be called by the Utility application software for provision of data in the desired format. The APIs will be of the following three types:

    —- The facilities for conformance testing of the MIOS are yet to be developed. The certification of API is proposed to be evolved.

    6.1.7. Tamper Conditions

  12. A very similar case where I would like to draw attention towords a serial on SONY TV. It’s called CRIME PATROL.

    Go through those serials. The biasism can be easily seen when the host gives his judgement ( as if he is supreme court of India ) where he tells “Who is right, Who is wrong”.

    In 99% cases, whenever a culprit is WOMAN. They always try to find some greatness in the crime done by her. No matter the victim has died because of her crime. And ultimately most and most of the times they try to dig it towords a Male. ( You may always see tears coming of CRIMINAL woman’s eye, when she is doing any type of henious crime 😀 😀 ) Her crime is ultimately declared as pious crime or good crime.

    On the other hand, when it’s male, they always pose him like a monster by birth. The crime done by him is declared INTOLERABLE, and only punishment of his crime is declared as DEATH.

    Must see the naughty host and the serial. 😀

  13. Well, Hats off to Jusitice Dhingra who had the guts to term Sec498A of IPC as a terrorist law. Even the supreme court has observed that 98% of such cases are false.
    The voice of Madam Sunita seems to have been heard and responded as I understand that offence of 498A is being made bailable and compondable, very soon.

  14. To perpetuate an error is no heroism.
    To rectify it is the compulsion of judicial conscience.

    Let me share my personal experience which is embodied in the following Order of Delhi High Court dated 28.3.2012:

    CM No.19106/2011 in WP(C) 2563/2007
    VIJAY KUMAR AGGARWAL ….. Petitioner
    Represented by: Petitioner in person.
    UOI and ANR. .Respondents
    Represented by: Nemo.
    O R D E R
    CM No.19106/2011
    1. None appeared for the respondents in spite of service before the
    learned Registrar and none appears for the respondents even today.

    2. The writ petition was dismissed vide order dated December 14, 2010 and along therewith five other writ petitions filed by the petitioner were also disposed of.

    3. As regards the prayer in W.P. (C) No.2563/2007, challenge was to an order dated January 17, 2007 passed by the Central Administrative Tribunal dismissing O.A. No.1386/2006 as also a subsequent order dated March 06, 2007 dismissing R.A No.28/2007.

    4. The petitioner had challenged a charge-sheet dated July 06, 1988
    issued to him by respondent No.2 before the Tribunal and an order dated December 20, 2002 appointing an Enquiry Officer.

    5. The reasons not to quash the charge-sheet given by the Tribunal were upheld when the writ petition was dismissed.

    6. By virtue of the application, the petitioner draws attention of this
    Court to an interim order dated July 21, 2008, directing the respondents that if it is permissible in law the enquiry in question may be continued pursuant to the charge-sheet keeping in view the fact that pertaining to another enquiry, penalty of dismissal from service was inflicted upon the petitioner in the year 1998. As per the said order, it was directed that if the enquiry can continue, the same should be concluded within eight months.

    7. The petitioner seeks to urge that neither an enquiry could be
    continued or in the alternative, same not be concluded within eight
    months, the charge-sheet lapses. The petitioner also draws our attention to an order dated March 08, 2010 whereby respondents’ application No.12971/2009 praying that six months more time be granted to complete the enquiry was dismissed.

    8. It is unfortunate that the respondents have chosen not to appear and render assistance.

    9. We take on record petitioner’s statement that the respondents have not completed the enquiry pertaining to the charge-sheet in question.

    10. The enquiry against the petitioner is governed by the All India
    Services (Discipline and Appeal) Rules 1969 and suffice would it be to state that having levied penalty of dismissal from service upon the
    petitioner in another separate enquiry pursuant to another charge-sheet, the instant enquiry pertaining to the charge-sheet dated July 06, 1988 cannot continue and the proceedings have to terminate in as much as the Rules in question do not envisage a penalty to be imposed upon somebody who is not a member of the service and is not subject to the pension rules. Needless to state as a result of being dismissed from service, the petitioner is not entitled to any pension.

    11. We accordingly disposed of the application restraining the State of Maharashtra to proceed ahead with the charge-sheet dated July 06, 1988.

    12. In the view we have taken, we need not discuss the effect of the two interim orders relied upon by the petitioner.

    13. No costs.

    MARCH 28, 2012

  15. Judiciary is no exception to corruption: HC judge
    This Independence Day, should give our self a Special Gift. A Gift of Real Independence!
    Independence from all Our Worries, Issues & Problems.

    Help me to get back my hard-earned land grabbed back from land-grabbers Subject: Humble Submission. VERY URGENT Injustice meted out by a senior-citizen and an ex-serviceman whose father and elder brother also an ex-service man (Defence Services of India), * who came forward to serve the nation with preparedness to lay their life, in protection of the nation from external threats. Land purchased in 1983, land-grabbed in 2004, after 21 long years, attending Bangalore City Civil Courts, Bangalore (Rural), Senior Division, since the last 8 years. Though the Constitution says SC’s land will not be grabbed, but mine is an example. E-mail resent as a REMINDER FOR HELP.

    Dr.Chandran Peechulli

    to presidentofind., presidentofind., vpindia, vpindia, pmindia, pmindia,, cvc, bcc: ifa, bcc: acph-rb, bcc: webim-rss, bcc: swarabji.b, bcc: rsccell

    To Hon’ble Mr. Justice S.H. Kapadia, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India.
    c.c.Hon’ble Mr. Justice Jagdish Singh Khehar, Chief Justice of the Bangalore High Court.
    c.c.Hon’ble Mr. Justice M.Y.Eqbal, Chief Justice of the Madras High Court.
    c.c. His Excellency, Governor of Karnataka State. Raj Bhavan Bangalore.
    c.c His Excellency, Governor of Tamil Nadu State, Raj Bhavan, Chennai.

    “The Political Party in Power (Government)wants their Parliament /Assembly to avoid being questioned, nor their bureaucrats be questioned, puts the lower judiciary also under pressure to show bias, thereby many genuine issues of aggrieved litigants like me suffer, and many giving up, as they cannot afford to further lose from their limited resources.” With the result, many curse the relevant and many join the ” ANNA HAZARE’s revolutionary movement”, towards anti-corruption seeking truth, peace and justice.. … Dr. Chandran Peechulli.
    LAND GRABBING. Detailed complaint in brief: e.g. Family PARTITION-SUIT O.S. 341/2004 with Bangalore City Civil – Court. Land-grabbing case. Self, purchased 2 plots for my two sons, of the 32 plots formed in a layout of one acre and 20 Guntas,in 1983. Signatories of Vendors were three members (Karthas for the ancestoral property) the grandsons of Sri. Eeraiah. No.1 Mr. Krishnappa son of Eeranna totally left out from the suit and the other two signatories 2. Mr.Thamayanna and 3. Mr. Eranna (No.2 & 3 are sons of Sri.Kempiah-these two parties though made a party, not attending the court but for submitting the vakalat by their advocate,which is Suppression of unlawful Act.Neither objection nor evidence filed till to date by the member No.2 or 3.
    Please note self, P.K.Chandran alone made a party in their Family Partition Suit O.S.341/ 2004, amongst the 32 plot owners of a layout, self discriminated being a non-local, since residing in Chennai port City, having taken subsequent profession at sea, in the merchant navy, as a bread-winner to my wife and two young sons and my parents. O.S.341/2004, Family Partition- Suit by the appellant, was to harass and humiliate. After 21 long years, younger relative members of vendors family (miscreants) goons taking law into their hands, owing to the increased land-prices (caused by modernisation of urban land by highways, bridges, and bye-pass roads), RAMA and LAXMANA, twins (miscreants) encroached my land and removed the barbed wire fencing connected to the stone pillars erected on the boundary line, by putting up a KATCHA SHED on my land to knock of my hard-earned property of mine, an ex-serviceman( who once came forward to join the Indian Army to lay his life for safeguarding the nation from external threats). Promptly, reported to all Civil Authorities of Law & Order and Bangalore City Police Commissioner who referred me to the then Police IGP, Bangalore Rural, Sri Rabindranath Tagore, I.P.S., who arranged to chase the encroachers, who were erecting a KATCHA SHED, which was left in incomplete condition, thereby advising me to approach the CIVIL COURT for justice, hence the suit O.S.365/2004, filed by me, against miscreants. The numbering of my case-file was deliberately delayed, shunting me to CHENNAI to bring and submit all the original land documents to the C.C.C. (City Civil Court) Bangalore, for accepting my case submitted, in the Junior Division Rural, hence the case delayed and numbered as O.S.365/2004. While, in the meanwhile, miscreants filed a partition-suit which was numbered earlier as (O.S.341/2004) in Sr.Divn. of Bangalore C.C.C. Heartlessly and mercilessly my case filed O.S.365/2004, was dismissed twice saying they (miscreants) are in possession “though in forceful possession illegally”, speaks of the poor Law and Order, and my plight for fairness and justice. The truth falsified in favour of the miscreants, hence these days, criminals are encouraged to grow in our country. With the money and muscle-power, the miscreants went ahead in converting the katcha-shed, as a residential with ventilation opening and fitting window, and obtaining electrical connection during the pendency of the case and status quo, which is a violation of court-order and contempt of court. Forcefully occupying illegally thereafter. They then threatened the neighbourhood not to support or cooperate with me(resident of chennai) with the result even the neighbour who signed the registered Sale Deed as my witness, was warned of dire- consequence if he stands as witness and hence over the telephone conveyed his plight since his daughters and son may be harmed, therefore he keeping aloof without appearing as witness in my favour, to my case O.S.365/2004.
    In 1983, I have paid the full sales consideration to the vendors directly, as they were illiterate they had engaged a local medical practitioner (Dr. Narasimhamurthy), to assist the vendors in interpreting Kannada language into English language to those prospective buyers, who were not proficient in Kannada. I am in legal- possession, by virtue of irrevocable GPA and Affidavit (for the delivery of possession transferred to me), same as those of others who purchased in 1983, while registration were stopped. Why this awakening after 21 long years by the youngsters in the family of Mr. Kempiah, who were minors in 1983 and harming me alone. Heartlessly and mercilessly the case O.S.341/2004, with Senior Division, Bangalore (Rural), City Civil Court being adjourned again on 14th October 2011 to 24th November 2011, now again to 4th January 2012. The Honourable Courts have not taken into consideration, the hurt sentiments of an aggrieved ex-serviceman and senior citizen aged 64 years old, coming to attend court from Chennai to Bangalore and back, since the year 2004, Now, 8th year, incurring time, effort and money during my retired life, for no fault of mine, having not considered an interim relief at least. Is there, a human soul in our country, to come to my rescue and instil justice of mankind, thereby cleansing of the existing system.
    Everything is said and documented in the Code of Judicial Conduct but who is to check, as to whether the said is put into practice. Has the Government earmarked someone to keep a check for its implementation? Hence, Every enlightened citizen in the local region, practically coming up, as the Rights & Social- Activist, locally voicing citizen’s right, same put forward in the common interest, to the Local and Corporate Centres for their attention, to improve the citizen services and instil fairness, truth & justice, through Parliament or Lokpal.
    Please note: Particularly last three-hearings of their PARTITION SUIT were unreasonably adjourned for longer periods while I was prepared to be cross-examined. * the evidence, submitted in the beginning of the year, * travelled from Chennai though sick, and being 65 yrs. old. (w/B.P. hyper-tension and diabetic).
    Rightly said by Justice Dhingra and as well as Ace criminal lawyer Ram Jetmalini Re-TOI Chennai Edn. Dt. 30-11-2011. A Case study (O.S.341/2004) in Sr.Divn. of Bangalore City Civil Court LAND GRAB CASE. Local land-grabbers liberally given adjournments, while the aggrieved litigant resident of Chennai, (Senior Citizen and Ex-serviceman) though long prepared for the cross-examination, is totally harassed and humiliated by returning the said senior citizen back to Chennai with repeated liberal adjournments. Need for better regulatory- mechanism, in the administration of Law in our country, to in still fairness and justice in courts irrespective of the class of courts whether Lower or Higher Court. Re-piling-up of cases and dragged delays with unreasonable adjournments, liberal to the influenced and the mighty, making the innocent litigant to suffer and give up. SHOULD THIS NOT BE PROBED BY THE INDEPENDANT CBI OR THE LOKPAL? THE POOR COMMON MAN SUFFERS WITH SLOW DEATH.
    Dr. Chandran Peechulli, Ph.D ; D.Sc., F I E (India), MBA; LLB(U.K.), Pg.D.I.M.S,.(UK), (L.L.M.) Pg.DTED, F.I.I.P.E., M.S.E.I., MSNAME(US), Fellow – Institution of Engineers (India), Indian Institution of Plant Engineers & Ex. Vice Chairman TN Chapter, Life Member & Ex. Executive Member-Indian Institute of Standards Engineer T N Chapter, Indian Institute of Occupational Health, Mg.Editor& Publisher – “Marine Waves” international maritime newsletter. Corporate-Member – Chennai Press Club. Ex. Chief Engineer (Marine) & General Manager (Tech),Consultant- CeeCee Industrial & Marine Mgt. Consultants,,, address: M107-5, 29th Cross Street, Besant Nagar, Chennai-600090. INDIA. Marine Lawyer.

  16. I totally agree with the pathetic condition of Indian judiciary. Now a days, no body can claim absolute faith and trust even from judiciary. I am with you, sir. Only God may help you, since God is running this country.

  17. Judges are not to be blamed. You are to be blamed because it is you who gave the judges unbriddled licence to take rot and go scot free. Judges are either eunucks or half mad. they have turned so because of the absoluteness of power and no accountability bestowed on them by the so called democrat. In fact Indian Judiciary is a scar a soring boil on the indian polity. Unless the judiciary is thoroughly overhauled made democratic and accountabile thinghs will move as they are

  18. why can’t wife start earning? Wife of such a good family presumably not illiterate and capable on earning rather then being a pest in a house! sometimes spider thinks that they can create a web in the house and presume they’re paying rent!

  19. Judges have no one to answer to. Unlike other agencies. like police etc they can’t be held up for corruption and negligence, judges can’t be taken to task. So men who face injustice at the hands of judiciary have very few options.

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