Sheila fails to protect Delhi, can Modi save Ahmedabad, Guj?

New Delhi, Sep 9: Central government has alerted Gujarat government asking to beef up the security all over the state. An email claiming to hold terror attack in Ahmedabad created the ruckus. The mail was related to Delhi blast which has occurred outside the High Court on Sep 7.

Delhi police on Friday, Sep 9 received the third mail from some unknown terror group claiming responsibility of the Delhi blast, Sources also informed that the mail mentioned Ahmedabad’s name.

Union Home Minister, P Chidambaram also claimed that Ahmedabad might be the second target of the terrorists to show their rage against the nation and the government. The new mail reportedly came from Moscow.

Now, it will be interesting to see how Gujarat Chief Minister, Narendra Modi will handle the gruesome situation. will Modi be successful to save his state?

However, it can be recalled that despite intelligence reports on possible terror attacks in the national capital, CM Sheila Dikshit had failed to curb the terror attack. At least 13 people were dead and more than 47 were injured.

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