International Men’s Day Pune-Mumbai Rally / Protest

Mumbai: The International Men’s Day on Thursday was celebrated a little unusually at the Azad Maidan. More than 30 men gathered from different parts of the country to mark the day, wearing prisoners’ uniform to protest against their “harassment’’ at the hands of their wives.
“I have lost Rs 10 lakh of my hardearned money. My daughter does not know who is her mother or father,’’ complained 32-year-old Jayesh, who claims that his now estranged wife slapped false charges of dowry harassment under Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code. Jayesh says in 2006, two years into his marriage, his wife filed a false case of domestic violence. “Ever since, the police has been harrassing me without even looking at my side of the story.’’
Prakash Mehra, another distraught husband, claims his father died immediately after his acquittal. The 44-year-old had been charged with domestic violence. Rakesh Prakash, also 44, claims he was constantly physically abused by his wife, who threatened him with Section 498A if he resisted. “I have documentary evidence to show that I was abused by her constantly and I even have other proof that speaks of my innocence, and yet I was arrested and harassed.’’
Lawyers say that in rare cases, Section 498A is known to have been misused by women.
Criminal lawyer Kirti Dabeer says, “It is sometimes misused by women in urban society to seek revenge. Innocent husbands are dragged to court immediately after their complaint is filed.’’ Investigating officers, adds Dabeer, do not feel the need to investigate. In some cases, even parents and married sisters who have no inclination of the goings-on are put behind bars.
“It really crushes your morale sitting with petty theives in court,’’ says 51-year-old Saleem who claims he once had a flourishing business, but now spends time fighting his case.

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  1. There were over 200 people, not 30. 30 people were in jail inmate costumes. – Eye witness Account

  2. People should be made more awear of IPC 498a because i didnt know about this law when i got married and now i am facing the music of this crap law. The one solution that i think would be helpful would be make a web site and put the profile of all the 498a girls with their detail info and pics and make this site as popular as possible. So that others should at least get to know about them before.

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