Govt agrees to debate Lokpal in Parliament

New Delhi, Aug 25: After a long discussion and negotiation between the government and Team Anna, the government on Thursday, Aug 25 finally agreed to hold a debate on all versions of Lokpal Bill. Citing the latest step of the government, many started speculating that Anna Hazare may soon give up his indefinite fast.

Manmohan Singh’s and other minister agreed to organise a debate in the Praliament on Friday on all versions of Lokpal Bill which includes social activist Aruna Roy’s proposed version of Lokpal along with Anna’s Jan Lokpal and the government’s Lokpal.

Earlier, Anna Hazare had set three conditions on Manmohan Singh and UPA government to withdraw his (Anna’s) indefinite fast which completed 10th day on Thursday.

The three conditions posed by the 74-year-old Gandhian crusader were:

  • Start discussion in Parliament on introduction of state Lokayukta
  • Start discussion on adopting Citizens’ Charter
  • start discussion on putting lower bureaucracy under Jan Lokpal

Now, when the government has agreed to Anna’s demands, the crusader also has been urged to give up his fast as his health condition has been deteriorating day by day.

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