Ramdev Arrest – Rape on Indian Democracy

India is A democratic country.As per article number 19 of Constitution of India, says in its RIGHT TO FREEDOM;

(1) All citizens shall have the right-

(a) to freedom of speech and expression;
(b) to assemble peaceably and without arms;
(c) to form associations or unions;
(d) to move freely throughout the territory of India;
(e) to reside and settle in any part of the territory of India; [ Ref : http://mynation.net/coi5.htm ]

But all these constitutional rights violated when police clamp down on Baba Ramdev in Ramlila ground a little past midnight and detained him after firing tear gas shells and resorting to lathicharge on his sleeping supporters to end his day-old indefinite hunger strike on black money issue.

Every citizen has right to protest against corrupt government.Police Brutality on peaceful protesters shows not only Human rights violation but it reminds 1975 emergency period as in the Ramlila Maidan a little after 1am unfolded when a large number of police personnel descended at the protest venue where Ramdev was demanding immediate action to bring back black money stashed in foreign tax havens.it also justify current government is involved in stashing black money and protecting those who involved in it.

Its a Rape of Democracy as people do not have right to oppose or talk. it was Police Raj wrost than British era, as Ramdev’s supporters, who were woken up from their sleep, Some elderly people swooned due to the impact of tear gas shelling resorted to by police. 30 of his supporters have been admitted to a nearby government hospital for treatment of injuries allegedly suffered during the police action. Still Indian Government justify its move. Now everyone knows China is far better than India, coz they will no show double standered, Preach something and Practice somehting else.


2 thoughts on “Ramdev Arrest – Rape on Indian Democracy

  1. yes i dare to speak truth this comments has nothing to do with any political party or any origination no this was not rape on democracy this was just a warning form government.government dint bring army tanks dint bring army like Libyan government any other detector rolled country what they have done is few lati charge and tear gas only when crowd refused to obey the orders this was totally baba ramdevs fault all political parties in country should understand that they can also face similar provocation. we should understand first what is government?we the people must understand we cant blackmail in this manner.if you think that baba ramdev is doing the right thing first ramdev should prove that he has no black money with him.i feel baba is making fool of us cant you think that a company which has many brand which stands in world standard in medicine cant make this much money as baba has made it form different trust and charities if baba wants to make better India then ask baba to spend all those money on poor in India who don’t even have the basic things roti kappda or makhan.hum khali haath aye hain khali haath jayange.i think government should take immediately action on freezing the assets and all banks account of this kind of fake babas. respect out Constitution first if you have some problem government is not listening you go supreme court file a case against government let court take the action like in 2g case or why don’t they participate in election and get elected to parliament act against government because they don’t wants to take responsibility to clean political system. raajneeti tho Keeched hai main kyon apna haath ganda karoon. how can you believe this baba who make secrets deals with government. don’t think i am defending government as a responsible citizen i say this government is fully corrupt. but don’t believe these babas even Anna Harare and his team they are not alone civil society of India they don’t represent any one out of 1.21 billion. population their may be children’s 30% they don’t have vote 25% of older aged most of them don’t care to vote 45 % decided the fate of nation which civil society Anna Harare and team belong who give the right to them to decide our future is their any south Indian any north east Indian members any one who represent rest of India today they are blackmailing government for lokpal bill tomorrow they will do for some other reason in this manner if Ajmal Kasab another militant do the same hurriyat conference can do the fast and demand for separate jammu and Kashmir what do you want our government to do?take right decision.blame our old Constitution for this change needed change it like Americans have they chose their President form peoples vote that’s why Americans President called most power full man in the world whole world respect their democracy our prime minister not even contest in lok sabha elections how can a man can decide Indians future after all he was not chosen by the people. this rule apply for president also because MP’s chose president which parties has the majorities their candidate win change the Constitution write it once again in modern. jago India jago

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