To marry she filled False rape case

New Delhi, Tue Oct 22 2013 : This is another False case, where women sleep with a man willingly but later she can file rape case on men, and Police will register case, even it’s a False case. A city court on Monday found itself caught in the midst of a lovers’ spat, with a young woman pressing charges of rape after a fight and later asking for the man’s bail so that she could marry him.

The court of Additional Sessions Judge Dharmesh Sharma granted bail, while directing them to get married within a month.

“I committed a mistake in filing the complaint for which I am sorry… I am still in love… and I wish to marry him… I request that he may be released on bail so that we can marry…,” the woman told ASJ Sharma.

The accused, Pardeep, also confirmed the woman’s version of the story and claimed that he too was “still in love” with the woman. According to Pardeep, there was a “minor dispute between him and the woman and he had merely bluffed that he would not marry, on which the woman, out of anger, filed the (rape) complaint”.

After ensuring that the couple had given their statements without “any fear, coercion or undue influence”, the man was released on interim bail for a month.

“The contents of the FIR amply demonstrate that the two were having an affair for a long time as well as consensual physical relationship,” Judge Sharma said while granting the bail.

The bail was granted on a bond of Rs 15,000 with “directions that on the next date of hearing, the proof of marriage be shown to the court”. This is how Women can black mail men to get marry and as soon as she marry she can claim his half of the property and file another false case of Dowry demand or Domestic violence. That’s the Pathetic situation of Indian Legal System.

FIR clearly says its a consensual physical relationship still its comes under Rape, and judges blindly follow it. WHAT A JOKE – common man exclaimed.

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