Raped and beaten up too

There was a news yesterday;

New Delhi: A rape victim has been brutally beaten up by the family of the accused in Delhi on Thursday night.

A week back, the victim had filed a complaint at a police station alleging that the owner of the placement agency raped her where she worked.

Later, the medical report confirmed the charge and the accused was sent to jail.

The victim was staying alone in a rented flat in Mandavali, which was owned by the accused.

On Thursday night, his family mercilessly beat up the victim, and she’s now admitted to a local hospital. No case however has been registered in the matter till now.

In india, women are sexually abused,but authorities refuse to take complaints; and women also not going to complain because of the shame; but when they complain no one listen, so called women organisations do nothing. NCW get millions rupees of grant but none used for women, most goes to minister account and thier foriegn tours.

best way to tackle this is, sue all men in false cases, when they counter; judiciary will be full of such cases then only government and other authorities will listen.

2 thoughts on “Raped and beaten up too

  1. I saw this news on TV (but partly), they were playing sad music and sympathising for the Rape Victim.

    The accused person’s wife was shown to be beating the ‘victim’ along with other ladies of his family!. I didn’t get what was going on, now I too think the ‘victim’ got what she deserved. The news report also said that the police let these people take the law in their hands- I don’t know why they did it, but the fact that the accused person’s wife herself beat the ‘victim’ up speaks a lot about what would have happened.

    This is an interesting case, if someone could get more details we could project this as a live example of “Women against misuse of Women-Protection laws!”

    — In saveindian@yahoogroups.com, wrote:

    People have decided to bash up women who misuse rape and dowry laws.
    As judiciary is not punishing these unscrupulous women, the society is waking up to punish them.

    Where did the relatives and people bash her up? In the landord’s locality. Why the hell the woman go to that place after filing rape case?

    Because, she first got the landlord arrested and then she must have gone to further threaten the family.

  2. I’m not sure where, but I saw in some other channel that the reality is that this woman was actually asking the houseowner, Rs. 2 Lakhs in cash and the house in her name… When he didn’t agree, a rape case was filed against him…

    Can someone find out if this was true?

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