Raveena Rodrigues – No Justice so far

Vasco: Vasco police registered a case of unatural death following a complaint from one Ravika Rodrigues, sister of deceased Raveena Rodrigues, 16, demanding an enquiry into her death.

According to the complaint to the South Goa superintendent of police (SP), the deceased was operated in a Vasco clinic and suddenly shifted to another hospital.

The reasons for shifting were not conveyed to the family members and the victim was again operated in the second hospital without the family’s consent. The victim died in the second hospital.

The family of Raveena Rodrigues, a 16-year-old girl who died in Goa Medical College and hospital on July 29, a fortnight after she was admitted in a private hospital, They also alleged that the GMC doctor who operated on her in the private hospital had charged money for the operation.

“The family has told me that the operation was not conducted on an emergency basis and it was not on humanitarian grounds that the doctor from GMC agreed to operate on the minor,” alleged Bailancho Ekvott president Auda Viegas. “It is a genuine case wherein a minor has lost life due to the doctor’s negligence. The family has bills stating that they have paid Rs 11,900 towards the cost of operation and stay at the private hospital. Of the Rs 11,900, almost Rs 4,400 has been charged by the doctor from the GMC and Rs 1,800 by another doctor. The rest of the amount is towards the cost of the stay in the hospital,” alleged Auda.

“Are doctors receiving non-practising-allowance permitted to conduct operations with or without the permission of GMC in emergencies ? A thorough probe into the medical callousness and negligence needs to be conducted and those responsible for the death of the innocent girl be given exemplary punishment,” she demanded.

Health minister Vishwajeet Rane had on Saturday issued an order to suspend the doctor. However, he later kept the order in abeyance, pending inquiry. “Action definitely will be taken in the case. But before taking action, one must verify all the aspects of the case,” said Rane.

Raveena was admitted to the private nursing home at Vaddem in Vasco on July 2 evening and thereupon without tests subjected to appendectomy operation. “The doctor operated upon her and she was discharged on July 5, despite her condition not having stabilized,” However, she was brought to GMC on July 10 with severe abdominal pain and admitted in the surgery ward. An ultra sound on the minor revealed free fluid in the peritoneal cavity. Due to this, the patient had to be immediately operated to evacuate the clot. But by July 14, she developed breathlessness and had to be shifted to ICU where she developed acute respiratory distress system. She later developed septicaemia and died on July 29.

“The family informed that no consent was obtained from them to carry out the second surgery nor were the reasons for the second operation explained to them. I am told that though her condition was critical in GMC, the operation was performed by junior doctors,”

And after a year no one found Guilty…

Government has not taken any Action.

and Goa people are sleeping when same kind of murders and human rights violations going on everyday.


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Verna-based Mr Michael Rodrigues, is unwavering in his determination to get justice to his daughter, Ravina, who died mysteriously after a series of operations.

Speaking to media, on Thursday, Mr Rodrigues said “I will not let my daughter’s death be left unsolved. What has happened to my 16 years-old daughter could happen to any of you.”
The family has approached advocate, Mr Alban Viegas, who has filed a petition. GMC had informed the family that a committee has been formed to investigate Ravina’s death.
The family with the help of a friend, Ms Maria Rodrigues, said that RTI application has also been filed with GMC, the Health Minister and the Health Secretary, to know the findings of the committee. The information is expected by September 22.
They said that more than a year has passed since Ravina died mysteriously after a series of operations that were executed by doctors of a hospital in Vasco and GMC, Bambolim, without carrying out the necessary blood and urine tests and ultra sound.
According to Ms Riva Gomes, a sister of Ravina, it was on June 26, 2010 when Ravina went to a private doctor, who diagnosed her with appendicitis and was advised to go to the Vasco hospital for an operation; she was operated the first time for appendicitis, and she was later discharged and her condition did not stabilise, neither did she show any signs of recovery.
She was taken back to the hospital where a sonography test was conducted, but was not shown to the family members and thereafter the family was advised to take her to the GMC, Ms Gomes informed.
At the GMC, the doctors by force made the family sign papers to go ahead with the operations, she said, adding she (Ravina) was cut and stitched from her chest right down.
“While she was alive she told the visiting family members that the GMC doctors had removed her kidney. Later in the post mortem report it was found that her right ovary was removed but her kidneys were intact, ” Ms Gomes added.

PS : MyNation Foundation Wants to fight this case and ready to help, If anyone knows about case status Please Let us know.


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