Karnataka Law Commission recommends amendment to section 498-A

The State Law Commission has recommended amendment to section 498-A of the Indian Penal Code, which deals with dowry harassment cases.

So far, when a complaint was registered under this section, police could take members of husband’s family, including aged parents, into custody. Noting that this provision might give room for its misuse as well, the commission has recommended amendment to the section.
The commission, headed by Justice V S Malimath, on Monday submitted a total of 12 reports on different sections of the Code of Criminal Procedure to Law minister S Suresh Kumar.

The panel has also recommended amendment to section 125 of the CrPC to ensure that wives get proper alimony in divorce cases. The section should be amended in such a way that the man, in such cases, should declare his assets, so that the wife gets alimony and child support accordingly, the recommendation states.

Malimath said in certain cases of divorce, the wife failed to get proper alimony because the man did not disclose his assets. If the law makes it mandatory for the husband to declare his assets, the wife and children will get their due alimony.

Justice Malimath urged the government to implement the recommendations at the earliest. Kumar said the government would go through the pros and cons, before steps are taken

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