Renuka Chowdhary is Affraid of Men Group

Here Again Indian harassed husbands proved, that there is 100% of Gender biased laws like 498a and DV and ministers fully support this LEGAL TERRORISM; As everyone know there is 98% misuse of gender biased laws as per study reports, and indian men try to suggest government make it gender balanced,

For months these ministers gave odd reasons to avoid meeting NGOs and men groups,saying unplanned commitments had cropped up but there are no record of commitments in favor of anyone by these ministers than foreign tours.

Matter of fact this minister is Affraid of men, as men groups are equiped with true fact and figures, for years this ministers feeding government with false records and figures, many times men proved all those sob stories of women are false,still she says she wanted to be

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  1. Is Renuka’s husband and son in law part of Save family Foundation . I really feel sorry for Renuka’s husband and son-in-law. Poor Guy must be the most harrassed husbands the whole bunch.

  2. To, 20th of June 2008

    Ms. Renuka Chaudhary,
    Minister, Government of India,
    Ministry of Women and Child Development,
    Shastri Bhavan `A’ Wing,
    Dr. Rajendra Prasad Road,
    New Delhi-110001

    Respected Madam,

    Subject: Review of Domestic Violence Act on 25th June, 2008

    There are various media reports stating that the review of the recently enacted Domestic Violence Act is being done on 25th of June, 2008 and the Ministry of Women and Child Development is going to invite various pro family organizations to hear their views and suggestions on the same.

    In this context we would like to state that Protect Indian Family Foundation a Mumbai based NGO, has already submitted its petition on the review of Domestic Violence Act in February 2008. However we are yet to receive an invitation for the 25th of June, 2008 review committee.

    We would be more than happy to present our views on the above Act to the committee on 25th June 2008. Awaiting an early positive response from your end, so that we can make our preparations for the 25th of June 2008 review meeting.

    Thanking you.

    Yours Sincerely,

    P.R.Gokul (9821414336)

    Executive President
    Email :
    Protect Indian Family Foundation, Mumbai
    “For Family Harmony.. Against Legal Terrorism”

    Attached : 1) Media Report regarding this issue. 2) Copy of Petition with 691 signatures, sent in support of Review of 498A sent on February 2008

    Copy to : 1) Dr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India 2) The Hon

  3. To,
    Renuka Choudhury, 21/06/08
    Minister, Government of India ,
    Ministry of Women and Child Development,
    Shastri Bhavan `A’ Wing, Dr. Rajendra Prasad Road ,
    New Delhi-110001

    Respected Madam,

    Sub : Review of Domestic Violence Act, 2005 on 25th June 2008

    This is in connection to the review meeting pm 25th June, my email(quoted below) and speed post regarding the fact that we at Protect Indian Family Foundation, NGO, Mumbai were not invited for this meeting, and the article in Today’s Telegraph(link below)

    Article Name: Men wail on Renuka’s shoulders(Also blogged at )

    Original Post:

    It is extremely surprising that though NONE of the below NGOs, fighting for family harmony and rights of Indian Family, have been invited for the 25th June 2008 review meeting on Domestic Violence Act 2005, till date. Please do note that these NGOs are associated with Save Indian Family Foundation, India’s biggest Family Rights Network of NGOs.

    Organizations working towards eliminating Misuse of Women-Protection laws and hence Legal Terrorism(as described by Supreme Court itself) in India and promoting family and marital harmony

    1. Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF), Bangalore(and its local Chapters in about 30 cities of India, and several others abroad) : 0934285323538/09845143724
    2. Save Family Foundation (SFF), Delhi : 9810611534 / 9911119113
    3. Gender Human Rights Society, Delhi : 9899329991 / 9811052770
    4. Manushi, Delhi : 011-23978851 / 9350041502
    5. Men Cell, Delhi : 9810170681 / 9868142608
    6. Mothers and Sisters Initiative (MASI), Delhi : 9818454928
    7. Save Innocent Mother and Sister (SIMS), Bangalore :09342041382
    8. Protect Indian Family Foundation (PIFF), Mumbai : 09869323538 / 09821414336
    9. Men Rights Protection, Mumbai : 09892668560
    10. Bharat Bachao Sangathan, Kolkata : 09830151555
    11. Protect Men’s Right, Kerala : 09387052990 / 0484230478
    12. Sahana, Hyderabad :09848280354 / 09908578457
    13. Asha Kiran, Bangalore : 080-65334135
    14. Kutumb Rakshna Vedike, Bangalore : 09886934853
    15. Protect Men’s Rights, Orissa : 0943708337
    16. Pati Pariwar Kalyan Samiti, Lucknow : 09839097522
    17. Rakshak , USA / Delhi : 9810452017
    18. My Nation, Dubai/USA: 0096-53869295
    19. Pirito Purush Pati Parishad Kolkata : 09433094337 / 09231529437
    20. All India Forgotten Women, Hyderabad : 09704683163
    21. Gujarat Gaurav Raksha Samiti (GGRS) : Vijay Wadhwani
    22. The Akhil Bharatiya Patni Atyachaar Virodhi Sangh (ABPAVS), Gujarat
    23. Association of Protection of Mens Rights, Chennai
    24. Child Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting, Bangalore (CRISP)
    25. Peoples United Relationship Enhancement, Mysore (PURE)
    26. Save Indian Family Organisation Rajasthan, Jaipur
    27. Purushak Sanrakshan Sanstha, Nasik
    28. Men

  4. She is family breaker.

    She should learn to respect men.

    I will teach her what her mother has not.

    If she has a problem, she must say.

    She must trust men not condoms.

    See how it looks if v just reverse her own staments

    Ram Balak

  5. To

    The Editor,
    The Telegraph

    Subject: Your article- Men wail on Renuka’s shoulders
    Original Post:
    (Also blogged at )

    I am forwarding my email to Ms.Renuka Chowdhary, quoting your above article(see below). The minister is deliberately avoiding Save Indian Family Foundation, and not inviting us even after most of its member NGOs had sent their petitions and views on the review of Domestic Violence Act.

    For your information, let me mention about Save Indian Family, the biggest Indian network of NGOs for family rights:

    Save Indian Family Movement: Brief History of SIF, Objectives, etc.

    SIFF(Save Indian Family Foundation) came into formal existence in 2005 as a yahoogroup of individual members and NGOs. Nevertheless , the movement can be traced back to 2003 when a group of individual members coordinated themselves and helped each other with information and other relevant issues, through internet discussion boards, emails and some other yahoo groups. At present SIFF is a registered entity, with a membership of over 50,000 people and about 30 NGOs(and over 30 local chapters across the globe).


  6. What a sad bunch of frustrated men out here! this website is a revelation. i am emailing it to my friends for fun. Most men here are so terrified of women, it’s both funny and sad. why don’t they realize that if renuka chaudhary does something beneficial for women, their mothers, sisters, wives and girlfriends will also have a better life!

  7. Preeta suresh,
    The real cowards are women like you who cannot face the power of men who are fighting back for their rights after some 50 years of male-bashing. Your friends are also another bunch of jokers who do not understand the seriousness of anti-male laws. These laws are meant more to harass men than to protect women. Nobody is terrified of women. It is you women who are terrified of a backlash by men. The gender war has started and the next war of the world will be a war of the sexes.

  8. Hi,

    I am replying to your comment here.

    You have made some comments that are plain absurd. How can fighting for men’s rights be termed “Frustration”, “Terrified men”, “Funny” and “Sad”? If this is your logic, then those who are fighting for women’s issues are also another bunch of terrified, frustrated, funny and sad people. Would you accept this logic?

    You do not know the seriousness of these anti-male laws such as 498A and DV and that more than 1.2 lakh women have been arrested under these two laws without any investigation in the last 15 years, some 4 times more than the number of women arrested by the British in 150 years! Do you support this? Please note that Renuka Chowdhary is no angel and she is being heavily induced to make such laws. She is a also a notorious man-hater. She has openly said that it is not a bad idea that men suffer. She had said that men should suffer now and that it is their turn.

    Further, the National Commission for women is making a new law to make men pay alimony for adulterous wives. This is just one of the several hundred proposals that the NCW wants to be implemented.

    Of-course, we all have sisters and mothers. But that doesn’t mean that we men forget our own rights. If we are living in an equal society, men should also have their own ministry and commission. I demand it.

    Finally, fighting for men’s rights doesn’t make a person a coward. Nor can it be frustration.
    Gautam Rao: If so, women who fight for women’s issues are also cowards.

    If women start harming men, men cannot be expected to keep quiet. The next world war is going to be on gender.



  9. Renuka is from society were her daughter appear on 3rd page. Probably she need this law in feature for her daughter that might reason.

    Mahatma, Rajiv Gandhi looking to employment to lower level (village ), where Renuka advocating for packaged food i.e. benefit to MNC ( Probably MNC will pay money under table).

    So what you expecting from such woman

  10. Hi everyone,

    Guys you all are fighting for what is right & what is wrong related to those laws.. But right now I am in a very very big tension regarding one of my cousins. I want your suggestion what to do & what not to…

    My cousin is married to a guy since 8 yrs. After marriage that guy just did the physical thing 2-3 times without using a protection and gave a daughter in the 10th month of the marriage..

    Now from past 8 yrs that guy just does not show any interest in my cousin. He does not even come to the bed room or use the same bathroom that she is using.. He sleeps in the guest room & uses the same bathroom….

    Even in last 8 yrs My cousin don’t know what is his monthly salary as he never told her.

    That guy insults her at every point of time in front of everyone saying that “What do you have so special that someone would want to sleep with you..”

    From past 8 yrs, He never sat 8 mins with her to drink a cup of tea or to have food or to even talk to her casually.

    And when she complained about this to her in-laws they say that If he would waste so much time with You then who will earn money for them..

    Now her daughter is 7 yrs & she understands everything.. She hates her father & don’t want to live with her grandparents or father & asks my cousin that anyhow they must do something to go away from them as she thinks that Her father cannot love her mother as her friends parents do to each other..

    You can imagine what that little child sees everyday & what is happening to her little mind…

    Now that she decided to take a Divorce, Her father & brother are very much upset with her as they are thinking that they have to give the money to the lawyer…
    They say that if she wants to live separate she must send the daughter to her in-laws & would live with them as they want..

    Her brother already told that he won’t help her financially or mentally in any case… & all her father’s property will be his brother’s and she would not ask for anything..

    Her father never allowed her to go out of the house even to meet a friend so she has become a dependent type lady & is not working so she is financially also dependent…

    Now we don’t know what to do and how to proceed so that her parents would support her… & everyone else in the relatives are just trying to send her back to her in-laws… Giving her wrong info about divorce laws & child custody laws so that she would give-up..

    She is too much in depression & seeing & talking to her I am getting into depression…

    Plz guys Tell me how to help her….

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