Can Indian Judiciary,Restore honor of Victims of Law

When indian law / Judiciary failed to undo the suffering caused by its gender biased attitude, Partiality and loopholes, its citizen right to take law in thier hand.

Can Indian Biased Judiciary restore below said men, status in society….?

because of Corrupt officlas and gender biased laws, many men and his family dragged to court or jailed for no reason.

As per one study of on indian married men, there are 50,000 men and his family every year, falsely victimised under false 498a and DVA (Domestic violence act)

They are dragged out of their house in front of all nieghbors and friends
They are imprisoned with one word of thier wife.
His Pregnent sisters are arrested
His old parents are dumped in jail
His other married sisters along with thier breast fed babies jailed for no reason.
Even in some cases,servents of those innocent men family named in these false 498a.and harassed


this trend is continued for last 3 decades, and indian law makers are sleeping, with eye wide open

Here is another story, the men who falsely charged under False Rape case.





> News follows…

NEW DELHI: For the past 12 years, Pankaj Chaudhari has been living a nightmare. Shunned by neighbours and relatives alike, after being declared a rapist, he has also been left jobless. The “rape victim” – it was later found – was sitting in a police station at the time of the alleged rape. Pankaj has now moved Delhi High Court, imploring it to remove this “stigma of a rapist”.

Pankaj claims that he’s paying the price for opposing a flesh trade racket near his house in 1997. He was arrested, along with his brother and two other friends, on charges of raping a neighbour, who allegedly ran the prostitution ring. He was jailed on July 28, 1997 and then convicted for gangrape in 2000, all because cops then manning the Hauz Khas police station – apparently at the instance of the sex worker who suffered losses – decided to frame the four who were protesting against the racket. Subsequently, an inquiry was ordered within the police department, even as a stunned HC released Pankaj, his brother Gunjesh, and two co-convicts, Jailal Yadav and Kashim Rain, on bail in 2001.

Now, seven years after their appeal was admitted, the four men have again moved HC, seeking fast-tracking of their case, especially when an internal police inquiry has already concluded that they were framed by some cops. “Due to allegations of rape, a stigma is attached to the accused and they are facing great hardships in finding any job for their livelihood. They have been thrown out of jobs and are unable to live with dignity because they are called rapists,” reads the petition, filed on their behalf by advocate Sunil Bainsla.

After hearing their plea, Justice Anil Kumar has sought a reply from the CP by August 13 on what action has been taken in the intervening years against the eight policemen allegedly involved in framing the four accused.

Interestingly, it was a second FIR, faithfully registered by a duty officer unaware of what had transpired before, that exposed how the four had been framed. After they were convicted in 2000, relatives of the convicts alleged foul play, which led one Amod Shastri, heading an NGO called Nyay Bharti, to probe further. Shastri’s efforts revealed that while the woman claimed she was gangraped at 9.30 pm by the four, another FIR in the same police station showed that she was arrested the same afternoon for indulging in flesh trade and let off at 10.30 pm on a bond of Rs 500, indicating that she was actually at the police station when she claimed to have been raped at her home.

The NGO then made a representation to the CP, who ordered an inquiry. In 2001, the inquiry indicted then SHO K M Bakshi, S-I Jai Bhagwan and six other cops and recommended action – a fact which was placed before the HC in the appeal against the conviction. An alarmed HC asked its registry to place this “additional evidence” before it and list the case for regular hearing, awaiting word of what action was taken against the guilty cops. But with no sight of the appeal till now, the four decided to press for an early hearing and knock the court’s door yet again.

One thought on “Can Indian Judiciary,Restore honor of Victims of Law

  1. Stupid indian judiciary is in the business of raping men.

    I am thinking about media attention given to Nisha Sharma, Jessica Lal, Priyadarshini Matoo and Arushi.

    Judiciary, Media and Indian system is not committed to the cause of justice they are just “committed for the cause of women” by arresting more than 1 lakh women in last 4 years without investigation.

    Ram Balak

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