LONDON RIOT : Result of Feminism

Five nights of rioting in London’s Tottenham neighborhood erupted following protests over the shooting death by police of a local man, Mark Duggan. Police were arresting him when the shooting occurred. Over 170 people were arrested over the two nights of rioting, and fires gutted several stores, buildings, and cars. The disorder spread to other neighborhoods as well, with shops being looted in the chaos. most of the rioters are just children; as young as Nine year old, and if you see photos of riots most of the rioters are Black or Asian Origin.

THE boy was barely nine years old, four feet tall and weighing maybe 60 pounds, yet he held himself like a big man.
the boy squared up to me and boomed: “Oi Mr, you betta watch yaself man.” The young thug had fire in his eyes,With 100 of his mates ranged behind him in the smoke-filled street, I knew his threat wasn’t hollow.

From extremely young boys to teenage girls, these youths – children in fact, Two boys looting TVs in Croydon called their mum to pick them up. A few minutes later witnesses saw an Asian woman arrive in a people carrier with a ­disabled badge in the window.
The boys loaded up the boot with their stolen booty and then the woman calmly drove away.

So what went wrong ? who are these Boys and girls…?
Most of these thuggs came from Single parent or Broken families and unable to read and write too. its a Result of Feminism, most of Mothers of these kids are still teens, they themself have no knowledge of control themself what they will control their children. [ Ref : ]

Because of Feminism, there are Teenage pregnancies are on rise, Divorce are 10 Fold, Some Mothers do not even know who is the Father of their children as they have multiple partners, so they failed to give these kids proper education and Morals. Todays women want Freedom and they are not ready to take responsibilities of families so they break away and they get custody of their children by default.

When Children grow up in Fatherless Society with the fear of God, Father and Morals turn hooligans. When London Police asked Many Mothers to check about their Children, they were not ready obey them, coz they know nothing will happened to them than just shouting and they can live with that so riot continued. As media reported as Above in some cases mothers helping their children to steal, so message is clear Mothers themself send their children to riot.

Long Live Feminism.

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