Result of Feminism – Teen girl threatened her father with DV

There was time few decades ago, before the birth of National commisssion of women (NCW) or WCD which strongly support and encourage women to go beyond any boundry or Limit by enacting or proposing new laws, which break traditional Indian way of life and society and justify women is right even she is committing crime; No Children or girls were gone against wish of thier parents, but after feminists new agend to break family and society in the name of eMpower women, new generation Girls make use of such laws Against Father.

This case is not about harassing, or beating girl, but she was stopped from meeting her boyfriend. thats what these feminists organisations teach, pre marital Affairs, Extra marital Affairs; for them whatever women do is right.

Here is real life story of Empowered Girl, threatening her own Father.

Ahmedabad: A school girl of Ranip area in the city has threatened her doctor father that she will lodge a case of domestic violence against him if he does not allow her to meet her boyfriend. The father has approached police but cops say they cannot do much legally. However, they have offered to counsel the teenager.

Ranip police said Shruti (name changed), 14, a resident of Ranip, studies in class X and is in love with a boy of class XII of the same school. Her father, who is a doctor, spotted Shruti and the boy together on a number of occasions but thought they were just friends.

However, the doctor recently saw Shruti and the boy emerging from a multiplex in the city. He got angry and slapped her in the face asking her not to see the boy any longer. The girl did not say a word.

A few days after the theatre incident, the father once again found Shruti with her boyfriend at Kankaria. He was enraged and took the girl home. However, before the doctor could vent his anger, Shruti threw a book dealing with ‘Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005’ towards him and threatened to file a case in court if he continued to ‘harass’ her.

The stunned father called up his friend, a city-based IAS officer, and told the whole story. The officer put him in contact with Ranip police station. Subsequently, the doctor met officials of Ranip police and narrated the whole case but cops told him that legally, they could not do much in the matter.

“Considering the nature of the case, there is not much that we can do. However, we have advised the doctor to visit us with the girl and her mother and we will try to counsel her about the expectations of her parents,” Ranip police inspector Sudarshansinh Vala said.

Police said that the doctor has agreed to bring Shruti to police station. No formal police complaint has been lodged in this connection.

This is a result of eMpower women of NCW/WCD common man exclaimed.

One thought on “Result of Feminism – Teen girl threatened her father with DV

  1. Atleast you must be thankful to her that she didnot file a rape case against her father ( and brother if any).
    I think you can’t trust any female today ( no matter, daughter, wife and probably mothers too in coming years). They can do anything in the lure of money,sex,power and freedom they get from Rich Sectors of society to make their businesses more successful. The rich sectors inject full poison into their minds, to revolt and break their own families. The day these females would know, what their greed has made them to do, and how they were used up,they would regret. But it would be too late then, as their would be a lot of hatered already in people.

    Rape, the word is the favourite tool of the Indian feminists today, especially female-reporter-lobbies. Just report them some strictness over a female, they would successfully convert it into a brutal rape case! :), and then like Islamicists and SCSTs would ask for more reservations and power. Nice trick!

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