Right to Reject more manageable than Right to Recall: Khurshid

New Delhi, Oct 19:  Law Minister Salman Khurshid said the ‘Right to Reject’ candidates during election was a “more manageable idea” than the ‘Right to Recall’ an elected lawmaker which was a “difficult” proposition.

Referring to Team Anna’s proposals on the two issues, Khurshid said some feel that before introducing the “Right to Recall” managing the “Right to Elect” would be more helpful.

“I think the Right to Reject is a smaller and more manageable idea but not entirely without problems. But the Right to Recall is a larger and more difficult idea,” Khurshid told reporters here.

Right to Reject is an option where the electorate decides against electing for any of the candidates in their constituency.

It is also called ‘none of the above’ option. A cynic will perhaps say that the right to elect should be perfected before the Right to Recall was talked about, he said while noting that the voting percentages were still low and many people were not able to vote due to various factors.

He said the people demanding the Right to Recall will have to explain to the government under what circumstances and in which manner a lawmaker should be recalled.

He said the Law Ministry has looked at various models of the Right to Recall and the idea will be put before an all-party meeting on electoral reforms to be held either this month or in November.

Team Anna had also demanded the provisions for the Right to Recall and the Right to Reject as part of the electoral reforms.

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