Man sues ex-fiancee to get $25,000 engagement ring back

BRIDGEPORT — A Fairfield man wants the courts to answer that age-old question: If the wedding is called off, does the man get back the engagement ring?

Bryan Rosen thinks

so, and Monday he filed suit in Superior Court against his former intended, Daniela Marcoccia, of Monroe, demanding that she return the $25,000 diamond ring he gave her when he proposed.

“In a situation like this an engagement ring is a conditional gift of the marriage, and if the marriage doesn’t take place, the man is entitled to get it back,” said Rosen’s lawyer, Erich Gaston. “That’s the law.”

According to the lawsuit, Rosen and Marcoccia became engaged in June 2007 when he slipped the diamond ring on her finger. The couple had planned to marry on July 26 of this year.

But in May, the lawsuit claims, an agitated Marcoccia threw the engagement ring at Rosen and told him she didn’t want to marry him.

Marcoccia had previously indicated she thought their marriage would be a “mistake,” the suit states.

As a result, the suit states, Rosen began to reconsider marrying Marcoccia and ultimately told her he did not want to be her husband.

The suit states that Rosen then asked her to return his ring, but she refused.

Gaston said his client felt he had no other alternative but to sue his former fiancee to get the ring back.

Marcoccia, through her mother, declined to comment.

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