Girija Vyas against Sach Ka Saamna

There is say in Hindi; CHOR KO CHOR BULAYE,GUSSA AATHA HAI. Means, Thief will get angry if someone call him thief. You you are not a thief, why you will get angry. Here is best example what this news says.

JAIPUR: Following complaints, the National Commission for Women has decided to serve notice to the producers of the controversial reality show ” Sach Ka Saamna.”
“We have been receiving regular complaints from aggrieved women as their husbands began questioning their character after watching the program on TV and have decided to serve notice to the producers of the program,” Girija Vyas, chairperson of the NCW, told reporters here.
Vyas also appealed to the people “not to participate in the program as private life is something personal and not for the public. It is against the social values and ethos of our society,” she said.
“I am also of the opinion that there must be difference between one’s personal and public life,” she added.
Such revelation of truth not only affects the life of the participants but also that of viewers as there were reports of some of the participants family life in tatters, she said. The contents of the show which delves into the personal and sexual adventures of contestants have been described as degrading to “Indian culture” by parliamentarians and social activists.

but its ok women going to Pub and one night stand, thats not against indian culture, and NCW / WCD has no word against that. for that these Women organisations give new Brand name women liberation and empowerment

Subsequently, the ministry for information and broadcasting had also sent a notice to the channel. Vyas added the NCW had proposed certain amendments to the Prohibition of Indecent Representation of Women and Children Act. She said perturbed over indecent representation of women on television the NCW had favoured changes in the law to bring the electronics media in its ambit.
She disclosed that such a recommendation was sent to the ministry of women and child development. She said to widen the scope of the act and its applicability the definition of advertisement’ is also proposed to be amended. Advertisement would include any notice, circular , label, wrapper, or other document besides visible representation made by means of any light including laser, light and fibre optic or any other media, she said.
“Indecent representation of women means depiction of women as a sexual object’. It includes depiction in any manner of the figure of woman, her form or body or any part there of in such a way as to have the effect of being indecent, derogatory, or denigrating women,” she added.
A new clause has been proposed to be included to extend the applicability of the act to the visual media and computer including internet, Vyas said.
The penal provision includes imprisonment for a term not less than two months which may extend to two years. In case of second or subsequent conviction the punishment may be for six months extend up to five years, she said.
Vyas said considering the large number of complaints of domestic violence and dowry cases received from NRI women, the commission plans to set up an NRI cell to deal with such cases.

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  1. She doesn’t have any job left.. if we take he reverse of this, if hubby is in show and if he confesses that he had extramarital sex or He had beaten his wife, She will jump in other Direction. She is not thing but Just a Fizz without SODA.. She keeps on shouting and no one cares to hear her except our greedy politicians who are always looking for Vote bank…

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