Salary for housewives from husbands – Family breaking Move.

This is another move by Anti Family NGOs, Feminists, NCW, WCD to break Family and every home in India. These so called Protectors of India women mostly consists of Divorced or Broken hearted Single women who decided to break every marriage and Family. by proposing and Forcing Government to make new laws and rules than making Family harmony laws. This law not only degrade status of Indian Women but she will called herself as Servent of husband if husband is forced to pay.

If Husband is forced to pay then he will stop treating her Better half there after.
He will not buy anymore gold or valuables for her
No more Insurence Policy.
He can demand Work without any mistakes.
She will brand herself as Worker.
He has right to fire her.
She will not get anything than just Salary.
She has to pay Rent for staying in husband house.
She has to pay for the food he provides.
Most of the Indian Women are half dead in Bed, and Prostitutes provides better service for few hundred rupees, so husband can hire prostitute if his wife is not satisfing him. OR pay less for sex.
and Lastly she has no rights over children as Product produced in a Factory by a worker is belong to those who pay for Worker.

Here is the news about Salary to Wife.

The government is seriously mulling a proposal to make it mandatory for men to share a certain percentage of their income with their wives, if the latter should stay at home and do household chores. Women and Child Development minister Krishna Tirath wants to quantify and calculate the value of work that housebound wives do for their families, and ensure they are paid this amount by their husbands. The intention behind such an absurd proposal might be a noble one – to financially empower women who stay at home. The problem, however, is that it can only be implemented by an Orwellian bureaucracy that pries into every aspect of family relationships and controls all financial transactions taking place within.

This is surely impossible to achieve, even if we don’t question its desirability. The idea comes from proposals by Western feminists to monetise household labour. But the cost of such labour is high in the West, unlike in India. If the government is proposing to correct gender inequality by making husbands pay their wives the wages that maids might be paid for domestic labour, that could equally plausibly disempower as empower women within the family. It’s noteworthy that even in Western countries, the sheer impracticality of such a scheme has kept it out of statute books anywhere.

Consider, after all, what it would take. There can be a myriad jobs undertaken to keep a household running, some even performed disproportionately by men. The government would have to draw up a list and devise a payscale for each conceivable job. Then it would have to set up a gargantuan inspector raj to ensure its enforcement by each family. The sheer absurdity of this boggles the mind. The government can do far more for women by ensuring total female literacy, and enforcing existing laws against rape and domestic violence.

and Moral of the Story is Women dug their own Grave.

These are : MyNation Foundation views.

One thought on “Salary for housewives from husbands – Family breaking Move.

  1. With this the commercialisation and legalisation of family relationships would be complete between the couples, now I wish the government to make children pay their parents the fee for services right from gestation to their bringing up, whenever they are employed and starts earning for a living!…. so that the entire gamut of relationships can be legalised and commercialised step by step(next could be, siblings paying each other for services rendered and cost of relationships!)

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