Salesgirls sacked after alleging sexual harrassment

LUDHIANA: A ruckus was created at a retail store of a mall in the old city, near the railway station, after two salesgirls alleged that the manager of the store, Amit Kavia used obscene language against them and the company instead of removing him, had terminated their services.

The salesgirls, who had called mediapersons to the store, kept asking the fellow staff to come forward and tell the truth as to how they were treated by the manager, who was now working in Gurgaon. None of the staff members dared to come forward to support the allegations levelled by the girls and remained tight-lipped on the issue. The girls alleged that the store manager used obscene language against them and even tried to outrage their modesty. “When we protested against the same, he threatened to throw us out of the job,” the girls said.

The girls also alleged that when they complained about the matter to the company, an inquiry was marked against the accused and he was shown the way out.

However, the company reinstated him at Gurgaon and terminated their services.

Failing to get justice from the company, the girls reported the matter to the police.

“We gave a written complaint to the SSP and have demanded action against the accused,” one of the allegedly victimized girl said.

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