Saudi man to be executed for torturing daughter

Who says, women in Muslim world, specially Middle East have no rights ?

Gulf women has high standard of living,

if husband is unable to provide what she wanted she can go for divorce,

Husband has to pay her monthly personal expenditure.

He has to take her out and in Saudi, if husband is not giving money for coffee she can demand Divorce.

she can drive in wrong path and blame men, and police will not do anything.

she can barge into any office, without knock on the door,

she can go in front of huge crowd of man waiting and do her job, even 1000 Plus men standing in the line for hours

and height of all this, man can be BE HEADED if he Torture a Women.


A Saudi Arabian court has sentenced a man to be executed by beheading after admitting to torturing his daughter to death.
His second wife has also received a five-year prison term and 1,000 lashes for being his accomplice, the state-controlled al-Riyadh newspaper reported on Wednesday.
The couple admitted torturing the nine-year-old girl, the husband’s child from a previous marriage, after she was found dead a year ago with signs of physical abuse, the paper said.
His wife later denied that she had taken part in the murder.
Saudi Arabia’s courts often sentence people to death by public beheading for crimes such as rape, murder and drug trafficking

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