Bangladesh SC Asks judges to perform better, clear case backlog

The Supreme Court issued a set of directives for the lower court judges to improve their performance and increase case-disposal rate.

The directives include timely sitting of courts and proper record keeping.

The apex court authorities issued the directives on February 24 this year, since the lower courts have been experiencing a backlog of about 15 lakh pending cases, an SC official said.

He said the backlog of pending cases is growing every day causing sufferings to people seeking justice.

Even though no significant change has been noticed after the issuance of the notice, the official hoped that a positive change would be effected in the lower judiciary’s functions within a few months.

Even Chief Justice Mohammad Fazlul Karim himself has recently started visiting lower courts to monitor performance of judges, he added.

According to the SC directives, the judges of the lower courts have to properly follow the provisions of civil rules and orders regarding their attending and leaving the courts, sitting at the ejlashes and leaving them, and in running offices and courts.

All the district judges, metropolitan sessions judges, chief judicial magistrates, chief metropolitan magistrates will receive reports of their subordinate judges’ weekly activities.

The district judges have to take permission from the SC registrar before leaving their stations.

The authorities will keep the court buildings, their premises, bathrooms and corridors neat and clean, and ensure fulltime water supply in the court buildings.

The staffs have to keep the files and records of cases in order by classifying those on the racks of the offices or record rooms along with their identification slips.

The officers and staffs cannot leave the office or the work place without taking permission from their superior authorities, and they have to ensure their timely signing in and signing out, according to the directives.
Sources said the SC authorities have started monitoring performance of lower court judges in order to speed up the rate of disposal of the cases

What about India...?
We have CRORE pending cases, when our SC woke up…?

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