Indian teacher blinded schoolgirl by sticking pin in her eye

The atrocities in Schools in India are being covered abroad. Indians are silent about abuse, corporal punishment. But the World is watching.
It was a case of ‘Injustice is Blind!’

A schoolteacher in Chhattisgarh is on the run after he brutally punished a Class 2 student by inserting a pin in her right eye for failing to answer his question. It left the girl blind in the eye.

The incident was reported from Korba district. It took place at a private school, Shishu Mandir, in Jurali village, and came to light when the parents of six-year-old Sweta Patel finally lodged a complaint with police.

Police said the accused teacher, Parasram, initially tried to hush up the matter by paying some cash to the parents for treatment, but when doctors declared that Sweta would never regain her eyesight, they went to police to seek justice.

“It’s a very inhuman and brutal act. The initial inquiry shows that Parasram inserted a pointed pin deep in Sweta’s right eye when she did not reply to a question in class asked by the teacher,” T.R. Koshima, additional superintendent of police, Korba, said. He said the teacher was on the run and police had raided several places to arrest him.

The girl’s father, Devi Prasad Patel, has sought justice saying the teacher was a very aggressive person and he had made life hell for his daughter.

School Education Minister Brijmohan Agrawal, who termed the incident”a blot on the teaching community”, said the “state government would ensure stronger punishment for the teacher and also bear all cost of the advanced treatment for the girl”.

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