He who has Authority and Power, when he see some malpractice, Misuse and Harassment of innocent and doing nothing, turning blind eye then he should held Responsible and he is part of this Injustice. This is none oher than SUPREME COURT OF INDIA.

Years Ago Supreme Court Judge Pronounced 498A is a Legal Terrorism, Along with other gender biased laws like Domestic Violence, Divorce, Custody and Alimony which are totaly Against men. Years Passed, still there is no Change nor Misusers never brought to Justice.

12 thoughts on “SUPREME COURT of India, Responsible for LEGAL TERRORISM

  1. Why there is no protection law for Males in India?
    Why always fathers are not getting their child?
    What is the punishment for false dowry case?
    When that day will come, when males will get justice?

  2. I totaly Agreed with this. Only and only Indian Law is responsible for LEGAL TERRORISM,

  3. What cant be cured has to be endured. In short, it is the vote bank an vote oriented laws are enacted whether it is the issue pertaining to 498A or the reservation issue.
    What stops the supreme court to rule that reservation starting say 2012 will be reduced by 1% every year. But it is the vote bank cant do anything about it.

  4. Sir,
    I am a normal middle class person living in India.
    My wife is continuously giving me threat of suicide , Until I send back my family to My Native place . But I have a problem that I am only the working person For my family . I have to organize the marriage of the two sisters and the age of my father is over 60 and he is not able to work for living hood.
    Another thing is that I cant leave my wife alone in Jaipur as I am working in a private Company and I have many outstation tours for days in a month.

    So other than seeing my problem she is threatening to report the complaints which I have seen in the TV only. and also threatening for dowry cases and other charges which can be applicable.

    Please provide me any solution

  5. Very well said. Absolutely correct position. If Pakistan Supreme Court is booking and punishing Presidents why Indian Supreme Court cannot punish ugly law makers?

  6. Why don’t we take this matter to the international court challenging the Indian laws related to marriage, divorce, alimony etc… exposing all the loopholes and how human right violations are taking place in the guise of maintaining law and order. If such a petition has to be filed, I think we have to join hands and may be even share the expenses for advocates. I feel that such a strong step needs to be taken to secure our future and the future of our kids and our progeny in general. If such a legal terrorism is not dealt with legal inti-terrorism, then life will become a living hell in the future and people will find ways leave this world instead of live in this world.

  7. I am also facing issue with wife. We actually went live in relationship and then she insisted me to make passport for that we make only notary. Now she doent want to stay with me. She is running behind my money only. I work abroad and now this court cases created very big trouble in my life. I don’t know what will be the solution? I lose my job and I don’t know what to do now?

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