Sex workers support Anna Hazare’s movement

Pune, Aug 19: Anna Hazare’s popularity is only swelling with each passing day as three sex workers from Ahmadnagar have joined Anna’s agitation in New Delhi for a strong Lokpal bill.

Sangeeta Shelar, Suman Tribhuwan and Meena Pathak are the three sex workers who sat on an indefinite strike supporting Anna Hazare.

According to Shelar, like Anna even they were detained by the police for two days under Section 157 and later released.

“I was with Anna even for his first agitation in Delhi in April,” said Shelar.

“He is, ultimately, fighting for the basic rights of each and every individual in society and he has taught us to live with pride and dignity. Sex workers from my area are also actively supporting Anna by conducting a support march everyday. We are all with him to eradicate corruption in our country,” she said.

The founder-director of the NGO Snehalaya, Dr Girish Kulkarni was also present at JP Park in support of the JanLokpal movement. After being detained, Kulkarni was sent to Chatrasal Stadium, Delhi-Haryana border.

“Anna, who had also inaugurated our radio station, is our inspiration and we shall be with him wherever he goes for agitation for the Jan Lokpal Bill,” he said.

He further added that he wouldn’t be staying in Delhi in support of Anna as he wanted to gather more support for the veteran in Ahmadnagar.

“We are using the radio station to propagate the plus points of the Jan Lokpal Bill. Fortunately, people from all walks of life, including the sex workers in the region, are with us to support Anna wholeheartedly,” he said.

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