Wife, paramour held in Shameer murder

MANGALORE, September 28, 2009: The Mangalore police have successfully cracked the sensational Shameer alias Abdul Kareem murder case that took place on September 13 at a flat in Mangalore.

According to the Superintendent of police Dr.A.Subramanyeshwara Rao here today in a press conference the murder of Shameer had been a product of an illicit relationship of his wife Shamshad and her paramour Venkatesh. They both had allegedly killed him on September 13 in Shyam complex in Capitanio.

Dr. Rao said Venkatesh had been residing in Mangalore closer to the Shyam complex after coming here from Rajendra Nagar of Mysore. According to the case details both Shamshad and Venkatesh had shared relationship for the last six months and Shamshad had wanted to severe her relationship with Shameer.

She and her paramour Venkatesh had tried to kill Shameer on September 10 but the ploy did not work out. Following this futile effort Shameer escaped to Mysore only to arrive on 12th September and in a well carried out plot he was successful in killing Shameer on that night.

Following the murder Shamshad had weaved a false story that she was locked in her room by the assailants and she found her husband lying in a pool of blood in the morning.

Dr. Rao said Shamshad had asked Venkatesh to come home on the night of the September 12 and they both carried out the murder first by suffocating him with a pillow and later clubbing him on the head till he was dead. After the murder Venkatesh had locked Shamshad in her room and left for Mysore immediately.

Earlier both Shameer and Venkatesh had some money transacted between them and there was also a dispute between them. But Shamshad had misguided the police saying that Shameer had a dispute with a man from Andhra Pradesh from whom Shameer had looted Rs. 30 lakhs from him when he was serving in the Gulf countries. This misleading information had led the police away from the real course of action.

The police department has announced Rs. 15,000 as a cash incentive to the police officials who have cracked the case so fast.

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