Shashi Tharoor – Why no Arrest yet ?

In India, if you have money, Power or a Politician, no law applies to you. these so called laws only for poor, ordinery men only and not at all to Rich or Politicians.

Law says,if the wife dies within 7 years of marriage and there is even a slight reason to believe that she was being harassed by her husband or his relatives, then they will be held responsible for her death.
It doesn’t matter if it was a suicide. The husband and his relatives will be guilty for harassing her and forcing her to take the drastic step. and burdon of proof lies on men.

and by default Police will arrest husband, Even he is seven seas acrose, or even he try to save her if she consume poison when her husband find out her infidelity.

But in Union minister Shashi Tharoor case nothing happened like that,

The autopsy report of Union minister Shashi Tharoor’s wife Sunanda is learnt to have said that she died due to “poisoning” and neither confirmed nor ruled out suicide.
The autopsy, sources said, also found over a dozen injury marks in the upper extremity of her upper body — on one arm, hand, chin, and neck regions — and interpreted them as “scuffle marks”.
Although “nominal traces” of the anti-anxiety drug Alprazolam were found, there were “no findings suggestive of drug overdose”.
The sources did not elaborate on the nature of the poison/s .
“The autopsy has not ruled out suicide. It has only said the cause of death is poisoning,” a source said. The autopsy said Sunanda’s “cardiac death” was “not from any natural causes or pre-existing disease”.
The autopsy report was submitted to SDM Alok Sharma. He will submit a copy to the Delhi Police Tuesday and ask it to probe further.
Police sources said CCTV footage of Leela Palace hotel — where Sunanda was found dead Friday — established she was last seen on January 16 afternoon, speaking on her mobile phone in the lobby.
Investigators claimed they had seized two strips of Alprax tablets from Sunanda’s purse of which a few tablets were left. However, sources said it was not clear if she consumed the rest the same day.

Still there is no Arrest, no need to say, he is Rich but Politician too and Police is Puppets.

Now you know the the double standerd of Indian Law.

2 thoughts on “Shashi Tharoor – Why no Arrest yet ?

  1. Any ordinary citizen in the place of Mr.Sashi Tharoor would have been arrested along with his entire family on the day one itself. But the Law for ordinary is extraordinarily different than the for the rich and powerfull. In this case prima facie there is injury on the body, fights before the death, history of unfaithfulness as electronic evidences,chequered history of Mr.Tharoor, a motive as a financial gain of almost a whopping 75 crores due to her death. But rather than arresting him the Congress awards him by making him a spokes person. They did not even wait till the investigation is over.

  2. Interestingly not even a word condemning Mr.Tharoor from any women organisation. Do we understand that all the Dharnas and candle march of women and women organisation are also politically motivated and funded by Congress.

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