800 Belgium volunteers shed clothes for art project

Belgium, Jul 12: Around eight hundred volunteers, including men and women in Belgium had shed their clothes and fought with pillows for the latest nude photo installation by daring U.S. artist Spencer Tunick. The piece, entitled ‘Sleeping Beauties’ took place in the grounds of Gaasbeek’s Castle in Belgium, 6 miles south of the capital Brussels.

Tunick, who specialises in nude outdoor photography, has been taking pictures in unusual locations since he began in 1986, taking pictures of nudes outside Alleyn’s School in Dulwich, South London.

He began documenting live nudes in public locations seriously in 1995, beginning in his native New York through video and photographs.

Since then he has built a large portfolio of work all over the world. His work in the UK includes taking photographs of 500 nude participants outside Selfridges department store in London in 2003, 700 nude revellers at the Big Chill music festival in Herefordshire in 2007 and shooting 1,700 nudes on the Gateshead Millennium Bridge in 2005.

His project have grown increasingly more ambitious as time has gone on, with his largest ever project seeing 18,000 people posing for him in Mexico City’s principal square, called the Zocalo.

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