Women Abet other women Divorce

Women is responsible for other women fate, but here women abet other women Divorce, as per media report Kannada actress shruti already married to Chakravarthy (Chakri) about a month ago, when Both are married, Its not only shows for Lust women can do anything but Abet other women for Divorce, as Chakravarthy is Already Married. Legaly speaking they both violated Law.

As a President of State Woman and Child Development Corporation, she should model figure to all women, but she Proved all wrong. it shows in India women can do anything.
She can get marry 2nd time when has not Divorced from frist husband.
She can Marry other married man, and become responsible other women Divorce. but all Blame other man only not to women for seducing him.
Still she can claim from husband Property.

This is the real situation of Indian Women.

Bangalore, May 8: Sandalwood beauty Shruti who perplexed all and sundry after she sought divorce from her husband Mah

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