Solution for Domestic Violence

Wanted live in Maid / Servant

1). Should be women
2). Should be virgin.
3). Age should be 18+
4). Medically fit.
5). Should not had any Boy Friends
6). Should not have any police record.
7). Should be slim, tall and fair.
8). Should be well verse in all house hold things.
9). Should be Polite and humble.
10) Should be resourceful and willing to learn things.
11) She should allow owner to have sex. (beastality not included)
12) She should have children for her Owner.
13) She should respect owner all family members.
14) If her any of givin Information found wrong, contract is terminated without notice and all givin assets, custody of
Children seized and charged her with Fraud.
15) She should accompany with Owner for Functions and festivals.
16) She should not have sex other than Owner,and Owner will be Loyal to her.

1) She will be treated well and Respected.
2) Provided same food as owner
3) Medical bills paid.
4) Allowed to meet her relatives once a week.
5) Allowed to stay with her Family once a month. Or on Festivals and ceremonies.
6) Allowed own her own property and bank account.
7) Enough gold is givin to keep with her and use it.
8) She is allowed have Orgasm.
9) Allowed to go out, with permission.
10) Allowed to sleep till 6AM (Time Varies)
11) Allowed to watch TV and Movies.
12) Allowed to comment and give Advice.
13) Food/Cloths/Shelter Provided or paid in Cash if she want instead.
14) She will get pocket money.
15) Owner will help her in some house Hold things and Raising kids.


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