Impeached Calcutta HC justice Soumitra Sen resigns

Kolkata, Sep 1: The former Calcutta High Court justice Soumitra Sen, against whom impeachment motion has been passed in the Rajya Sabha of the Parliament, on Sep 1 resigned and sent letter to the president, Pratibha Patil.

Sen’s sudden resignation surprised and shocked many as earlier when he was asked whether he would consider resigning, Sen had asserted, “There is no question of resigning because I have not committed any wrong as alleged. This has also been held by a division bench of Calcutta High Court upon proper appreciation of facts and law.”

Stating about the Lok Sabha vote over his impeachment motion, Sen had claimed, “I will defend myself in the Lok Sabha, but if the motion is adopted there also, I will move the Supreme Court.”

The Rajya Sabha approved the impeachment motion against Justice Sen with 189 members of the 206 present in the 245-member House voting in favour, recording well over two-third majority required for such a move.

The impeachment saw members of all parties, except BSP, holding Sen guilty of misappropriating Rs 33.23 lakh in a 1983 case.

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