Why is it necessary for ordinary Muslims to speak up ?

Every Muslim is as much a citizen of India as anyone else and defintely does not have to defend either the Muslim community in India or Islam.

Nevertheless, it is important to make people of other communities realise that Muslims too are angry a) about terrorists spoiling the image of Islam, and b) as well as maybe somehow conveying that there is some Muslim sympathy (not support) for their attacks.

So when an ordinary Muslim citizen does not speak up:

    1. It increases the perception gap and emotional distance between them and other communities

    2. It does not strengthen the Government’s resolve to take suitable action against terrorist networks, both internally and internationally

    3. It does not convey clearly and unequivocally to Muslims in other countries that Muslims in India are proud of being Indians, of living in India and of India itself, as one of the most secular countries in the world, not withstanding lots of problems, including inter-community problems.

There is clearly a lack of leadership today in India, and I feel that it is the ordinary Muslim who can spur the creation of a new leadership for the country by uniting the country even more strongly, by expressing this view and by showing that we are all one and the same Indian.

Furthermore, I would be interested in also hearing what the ordinary Pakistani has to say.

I am absolutely not interested in hearing the opinions of religious or political or high-profile social leaders, because their opinions are already available.

I am also not interested in any quote from the Quran, because it is very clear in my mind that the Quran can not advocate or support such activity.

For any issue where a group carries out a (negative) action, either by claiming they have done it on behalf of their religion, or it appears that they have done it on behalf of their religion (including Hindus, Christians, etc.), I think it is extremely important for ordinary citizens of that religion to speak out strongly about their own true opinions.

Now the question is….

They wage Holy war, jihad, or impose fatwa for cartoon publication or someone write Satanic versus, but why they do not do same on these Terrorist who commit crime based on their religion

When suspected Terrorist arrested in Pakistan/Indonesia/Iraq/Gaza why most of the muslim goes on rampage and fight with government forces.

When Israelies shoot and kill someone who is stoning / shooting or firing rockets into Israel, and they leave behind his family and small children, they make big news, Publishing small children photos, but when these terrorist kill Jews Parents and orphan 2 year old, why no one raising any voice ?

From where these Terrorist get financial supports, its from Muslims and Islamic countries.

Anyone has Answer for these questions, or now you know why they do not speak….

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