SpeakUp Against Abuse

In Todays real world, greed, fraud, malice, laziness, curiosity, scam, abuse, misuse, corruption, threat etc., are facts of life; Every Second there are thousands of anti-human, Social and environmental Events taking place and are increasing day by day.

                These Events happens not because of, there are abusers, but because of dumb spectators, just like you and me.

                We inspired by a mute spectator comment on an Event happened some time back and he was just watching and done nothing to prevent it, but unfortunately same thing happened to him and it was too late.

                Do not regret when such thing happens to you too,

                It may your house,

                Your neighbor,

                Your city,

                Your Country and its Government or

                Anywhere in world.

Let us know, you can Build your community to oppose it and spread your word and awareness.

You Never know what You Missed.

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