Slept with StepBrother – Still Innocent…!

This real life story tells, Double face of a Indian Women who cry cheating and filling case for the crime she committed.

She was married but ready to sleep with her own half brother for money and thinking no one will knows about her crime. She cheated her husband and hidding her dark sin for years, now when her crime surfaced she furious and file case.

A housewife residing in Matunga received the shock of her life when a relative called her up and expressed his disappointment over her participation in a sex tape that was uploaded on the Internet.

The victim, a native of West Bengal, was crushed when she heard that a sex tape featuring her was circulating on the Internet and filed an FIR at the Wadala police station against her half brother and four others who made the sex tape after sleeping with her.

The woman, who is married and has a daughter, alleged she had been taken to Delhi by her half-brother in 2009 and told she would be paid for it. The case was later transferred to Matunga police station.

According to the authorities, in January 2009 the victim’s mother married for the second time. The man already had a son who was 25-years-old. The stepson soon befriended the girl and then offered to make a sex tape of hers claiming it would be a good job for her. He even convinced the victim that her face would be changed and she would receive money for the trip and the tape.

The victim confessed that at the time, even her sister had encouraged her to take up the offer saying she had nothing to lose. Convinced that nothing would go wrong, she took up her stepbrother’s offer. She along with her stepbrother and his wife, his friend and another woman went on a trip from West Bengal to Delhi. When they reached Delhi, they stopped at a bungalow where the stepbrother had sex with her in presence of the three others and a man, who the victim identifies as a Sardar, captured the entire incident on camera.

On the second day, the brother’s friend too had sex with her, which was filmed and later she was paid Rs 8,000. Shocked that after so many years, the tape would surface without any alterations to her face, she filed the complaint. An officer from the Matunga police station said, “We have registered an offence under sections 363, 366 (a), 294, 376 (II) (G) and 34 of Indian Penal Code (IPC) against the five accused. The matter is under investigation.”

After all, Indians think she is innocent and think she was duped. law also think same instead charging her for Adultry. thats pathetic situation of India.

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