Stepmom throws 4-yr-old into well in Keonjhar

KEONJHAR: A four-year-old boy has been rescued from a well in Bhagabandh, about 25 km from here, hours after his step mother threw Rohit Mohanta into it on Friday night. On Sunday, the child’s grandfather lodged a complaint at Sadar police station.

Police officer N K Majhi said, “We are investigating into the matter.” Sources said that after the death of his first wife, Kishore Chandra Mohantam, a resident of Bhagabandha in Raikala gram panchayat married Khiramani Mohanta. Rohit is the son of his first wife.

Sources said Khiramani used to ill treat the son and daughter of Kishore’s first wife. On Friday night, when Rohit was sleeping with his grand mother, Khiramani allegedly took him and went outside.

When Rohit asked her where she was taking him, Khiromani told him that they are going to his uncle’s house. After walking about 200 metres, they reached a well into which she threw the boy.

Rohit hung onto an iron angle inside the well for hours and cried for help. Some villagers, on hearing his cries woke up and rushed to the well. They pulled him out with a bamboo basket tied to a rope. Outside the well, Rohit narrated the tale of how his step mother tried to kill him.

As Kishore worked at Koida in Sundergarh district, Rohit and his eight-year-old sister Itishree lived with their grand parents and step mother.

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