Meira Kumar fails to stop Anna…!

New Delhi, Aug 26: The Speaker in the Parliament, Meira Kumar on Friday, Aug 26 requested Anna Hazare to give up his indefinite fast and also assured him that she will do “something” to break the impasse on the Lokpal Bill. Citing Meira Kumar’s appeal, many started questioning – will Anna listen to the speaker who many times “fails” to console the MPs in the House and is forced to adjourn the Parliament.

Trying to console the 74-year-old Gandhian crusader, Meira Kumar stated, “I’ll do something to break the impasse between the government and Team Anna over Lokpal and Jan Lokpal Bill.”

The speaker’s statement emerged soon after the report that the debate over all versions of Lokpal Bill on Saturday during a special session of the House. Meanwhile, main opposition party, BJP claimed that the Parliamentary debate should be allowed with voting process.

However, the sources have  not yet clarified whether voting process will be there in the Parliamentary debate on Lokpal Bill or not. The sources also claimed that Lokpal debate may not be held on Saturday.

Congress’ Rahul Gandhi also broke his silence over the disputed issue – Anna Hazare’s Lokpal Bill. Following speaker Meira Kumar’s permission, Rahul presented his opinion and delivered his statement on the anti-corruption bill. Opposition parties started ruckus in the House objecting Rahul’s claims.

Rahul claimed that Anna Hazare’s proposed graft is not enough to eradicate corruption from the country, adding that there is no simple solution to exterminate corruption.

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