STOP, Misusing Rape Laws

This is the News I came across few Days back; when a Dancer sue a Business man for more money; and Our Police act quickly on such complaints than genuine. Because of these women the real victim justice is delayed, and make police think twice when there are many such false cases.

As I am in Dubai, I am very well know, what these dancers do; they come here on 3 month visit visa, and try to fool as many men as possible. Some dancers take not less than 10 lakhs in 3 months. And men are also fool; they spend all their money on them, thinking they will get sex in return. Some times get nothing, than losing their money. Some send money monthly even after they return back to India.

Here is one more such Story.

Claims he threatened and forced her to sign some documents when things went sour between them
NRI hotelier Chandraprakash Shrivastav (41) had never imagined that the call he made to his lover on arriving in Mumbai from Dubai would land him behind bars. Soon after Shrivastav spoke to Rupa Patel (24, name changed) on March 26, she landed up on his doorstep with cops. The Oshiwara police arrested him on charges of rape and cheating.

In her complaint registered on March 20, Patel, a Sion resident, stated she was a dancer by profession and knew Shrivastav from September 2004. She said she had also done dance shows for Shrivastav in Dubai.

Patel alleged that Shrivastav had promised to marry her and had bought a MHADA flat near Oshiwara. She said they even had a child, who was living with Shrivastav. She claimed that when things went sour between them, he forced her to sign some documents and sold the flat. She also said that he had threatened her.

Shrivastav, a divorcee, who shuttles between Dubai, Mumbai and Delhi admitted to his relationship with Patel, but denied shirking his responsibilities.

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