Gender biased Laws of India

Few year back Indian media published a story of divorced working women who created an online group of other 32
Divorced women. She refused to give money to her husband for household maintenance which ultimately ended in their Divorce.

For westerners and foreigners India look like all Indian men are dominating women, their wives, but in reality none of men have any power to say a word, but they are Bosses of the house and they have their wife’s permission to say so. If a women is working then she has to contribute her share to run house and Family, but in India if a man ask such money he will end up in jail, coz Indian society term it as Dowry, and there is strict law to punish men and his Family with one word of Women. This is not only crime but also mental harassment for women and she can file multiple cases on men like Domestic Violence.

Media Published this women Story in Bold, coz she helped other 32 women to get money/Maintenance from their
husbands as she was guiding them how to trap men under 498A IPC (Indian Penal code) as well as Domestic violence Act
(PWDVA) and Claim house from husband. Media will publish such women Story, but there are so many men are victimized by
their wives and also by women centric Following Laws, but media is not interested in their real life struggles.

LIST OF SOME Laws (CRIMINAL) only for Indian Women.

Causing Miscarriage 312 IPC Non Cognizable 3 to 7 yrs.
Causing Miscarriage without consent 313 IPC Cognizable. Life or 10 yrs.
Death caused while causing miscarriage without Woman’s Consent 314 IPC Cognizable. 10 yrs. or Life
Act done to prevent child being born alive or to cause it to be after birth 315 IPC Cognizable 10 yrs.

Kidnapping 363 IPC Cognizable. 7 yrs.
Kidnapping women to compel marriage, seduced to illicit inter course, etc. 366 IPC Cognizable. 10 yrs.
Procuration of minor girl under 18 years 366-A IPC Cognizable. 10 yrs.
Importation of girl 366-B IPC Cognizable. 10 yrs.

Punishment for Rape or Life time376 IPC Cognizable 7 to 10 yrs.
Intercourse by a man with him during Separation 376-A IPC Cognizable 2 yrs. & Fine
Intercourse by public servant with woman in his custody 376-B IPC Cognizable 5 yrs. & Fine
Intercourse by Superintendent of jail, remand home, etc. 376-C IPC Cognizable 5 yrs. & Fine
Intercourse by any member of the management or staff of a hospital with any woman in that hospital 376-D IPC Cognizable 5
yrs. & Fine
Unnatural Offences-carnal intercourse 377 IPC Cognizable Life or 10 yrs.

Cohabitation caused by deceitfully inducing her under belief of lawful marriage 493 IPC Non-Cognizable 10 yrs.
Marrying again during life time of wife (away for 7 yrs.) 494 IPC Cognizable 7 yrs.
Going through unlawful marriage ceremony496 IPC Cognizable 7 yrs.
Enticing, detaining a during women with criminal intention 498 IPC Cognizable 2 yrs.

Abetment of suicide 306 IPC Cognizable 10 yrs. & Fine
Cruelty by Husband or Relatives-Mental or physical 498 A IPC Cognizable 3 yrs.
Uses indecent language or behaves in a disorderly committed in manner in a public street the Presence or public place of police (KP Act – Karnataka Police Act) 92 -(o)- K.P.Act Cognizable if Fine of Rs.100
Uses in any street abusive or insulting words or affixes or exhibits any indecent, threatening abusive or insulting paper or drawing with intent to provoke 92 -(r)-K.P.Act

Outraging modesty, use of criminal force with intention to outrage her modesty 354 IPC Cognizable 2 yrs.
Outraging modesty by Uttering gesture, sound 509 IPC Cognizable 1 yrs.

Dowry Death: -(Death of 304-B-IPC Cognizable 7 yrs. to Life
A woman is caused by otherwise than normal circumstances within 7 years of her marriage and it is shown that soon before the death she was subjected to cruelty or harassment by her husband or relative for, or in connection with, any demand for dowry)
Penalty for giving or taking Dowry (D.P.Act) 3 Dry.Pro.Act. Cognizable 5 yrs. & Fine
Penalty for demanding Dowry (D.P.Act) Dry.Pro.Act. Cognizable 6 months to 2 yrs. & Fine

Punishment for living on the earnings of prostitution, Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act Cognizable 2 yrs. or Fine or Both
Procuring inducing or taking woman or girl for the sake of prostitution Immoral Traffic (Prevent) Action Cognizable 3 to 7 yrs. & Fine
Detaining a woman or girl in premises where Action prostitution is carried on. Immoral Traffic (Prevent) Cognizable to 10 yrs. & Fine
Seduction of a woman or girl in custody Immoral Traffic (Prevent) Action Cognizable 7 yrs. or Life.& Fines

Height of all this, In India women has so many Laws to Protect her Interest but there is not a Single Law to Address men

I am one the Legal Terrorism Victim, but i do not want media to publish my Story, and Media will not publish either coz i
am not Female an endangered creature as Indian Government treat them.

I will not write my Whole Story in detail, as i will celebrate my 12th Anniversary on July 4th of my struggle against Legal Terrorism.
I was Arrested and Charged with one word of my wife.
There was no Investigation or Enquiry.
I am guilty till i prove myself Innocent against false claims. In today’s world it’s easy to prove Truth as false but its
Impossible to prove False claims as False.
Said Criminal case going on for last 12 years and funny thing is my wife never came to court for last 12 years, still said Case is running.
For her nothing to prove, one word is enough and some tears. with this case reference she can claim maintenance even Stop father from visiting child.
I was kept away by force from my son, as Court keep on adjourning dates after dates in Child custody and After 7 years asking me why i did not met my son, that’s how they deny visitation/custody to father.

Complete Story can be found here

I am not the only one; there are thousands such men out there. My Story is just a Tip of an Iceberg.

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