Thousands of men commiting suicides due to Biased Indian marital laws

Below are some of the instances where in the past couple of months the papers have covered the suicides of young and promising young men of India who have been unable to bear the torture and harassment that they have been meted out by their wives and the Indian Judiciary.

It is a known fact now that every year about 56000 married men commit suicide as compared to 26000 married women. While the government wants all the deaths of married women to be investigated as due to harassment by their husband or in-laws, the suicides of married men which are twice in number are conveniently brushed under the carpet citing reasons like financial or mental instability.

The main intention that comes across is to sensationalize the death of women in India to attract more funds and draft more biased and laws that are anti-men, while ignoring the suicides of twice the number of married men. The India society as a result of the viciousness of modern empowered women and the inability and the apathy of the government in punishing the actual culprit irrespective of gender is turning into a pressure cooker. Men are increasingly turning to vigilantism as the country

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