11 year old end life over incomplete homework

It is important for schools to be a creative and pleasurable activity, rather than a punishment. A 11-year old girl committed suicide over incomplete homework. Corporal punishment is another important factor for the school to be an unpleasant thought.

11-year-old ends life over homework
5 Jan 2009

NAGPUR: Life ended cruelly and prematurely for 11-year-old Pallavi Uchitkar. An ace student of Sindhu Girls High School in Jaripatka, Pallavi attempted suicide by burning herself on December 30 over some homework left incomplete. On Saturday, she succumbed to her burns.

Pallavi, a class six student, excelled in academics and was a fine public speaker, debater, singer and dancer. Her teachers and principal spoke highly of her and had made her a prefect. She was the recipient of many prizes for her talents.

The Uchitkar family had to attend a wedding in Saoner on December 27. Of the four daughters in the family

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